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ALTBalaji’s installs improved by 24% MoM post migrating to AppsFlyer

ALTBalaji, India’s own homegrown OTT platform, has fast become one of the most sought-after sources of entertainment in the country, pushing it to one of the top 5 paid apps in India. To keep up with the enormous growth and stay at the prestigious top spot, it became necessary to keep track of how well the audience received each new strategy that came into play.

For a trusted and user-friendly mobile measurement partner to analyze all the relevant data and improve effectiveness, ALTBalaji has partnered with AppsFlyer to stay updated on the trends and the best strategies to adopt. The app analyses data in real-time, ensuring effective time management. ALTBalaji has preferred the app for a while now due to its flawless 1:1 support, spotless reputation, accurate data, and flexibility of tracking data with little to no glitches and inconvenience. The association further enabled them to understand their viewers, use more targeted campaigns and have better messaging. ALTBalaji has rolled out a version of the app that included the AppsFlyer SDK.

“AppsFlyer is a trusted partner to work with and comes highly recommended by industry peers. It is a user-friendly platform and the easy raw data access made AppsFlyer appealing to us as an MMP platform. AppsFlyer is a far more robust platform, which along with the quick and well-informed responses from the customer success made it an easy decision for us to migrate.” says Divya Dixit, SVP, Revenue & Marketing at ALTBalaji.

“ALTBalaji has always been very tech-savvy and data-driven, and they have been leveraging AppsFlyer to its fullest potential. As a sophisticated performance marketing outfit, ALTBalaji has always been on the cutting edge of leveraging data for optimizing its marketing campaigns for maximum ROI. Hence, after briefly trying other platforms, their decision to move back to AppsFlyer was predominantly to drive better marketing efficiency and with a long-term vision in mind. And we at AppsFlyer have made sure that the migration was smooth, keeping in line with our customer obsession.” stated Sanjay Trisal, General Manager, INSEA/ANZ at AppsFlyer.

AppsFlyer gave ALTBalaji the flexibility to acquire raw data reports and other data that could prove useful. The resulting benefits were worth the move. The efficiency improved ALTBalaji’s installs by 24% MoM and helped campaign costs reduce by 6%.  The number can only get better with the vast array of shows in the pipeline Girgit, Code M season 2, Class of 2021, and many more.

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