Today we live in a T-shaped world. While broad knowledge across the ecosystems is critical, deep insights and expertise of Subject Matter Experts help organizations leapfrog. At IndiaTechnologyNews, we cover much more than news, views and analysis, and we feature SMEs to help translate their knowledge to wider audiences.
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Rachana Chowdhary

Editor, Rachana Chowdhary and ITN Team

Rachana Chowdhary is a media professional with over 20 years of experience. She writes and edits subjects across industries.

Dev Chandrasekhar


My firm, Ubiquus, helps businesses tell impactful, yet credible stories that resonate with incredulous stakeholders.

Ravindra Jadhav


The author is mentor to next generation of MBAs through exchanging marketing ideas and strategies with application of Quantitative models in marketing since last 16 years at various prestigious management institutes across India. His reputation of brand management in B2C & B2B markets for FMCG, Consumer durable, Information Technology industry, Electrical Industry are growth enablers for various businesses using tech-based unconventional marketing strategies with the ability to innovate and create.

Ravindra Datar 


With more than 2 decades of experience the author is currently Managing Partner at Business Mastermind Advisory Services, helping business owners and corporate leaders to accelerate their revenue growth through a systematic and structured growth mentoring programs for start-ups to large multinational enterprises.

Prasenjit Roy


The author is currently Senior Executive Vice President – Marketing at NTT Global Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure, India & APAC and also the Chief Marketing Officer of NTT Ltd. in India. Besides being the Regional Council member in NASSCOM, he is also the Past Chair of Sales & Marketing Council nationally. Equipped with multiple certified coaching credentials, he also mentors NASSCOM’s 10,000 Start-ups program and the SME Forum across India.

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