Criticool, a new technology launched by GenWorks, aims to simplify neonatal care

GenWorks, the first start-up in the Indian healthcare industry dedicated to improving healthcare access in India, has recently launched a new product, Criticool. It is a device that allows doctors to lower the body temperatures of infants suffering from asphyxia for a specific period. Birth asphyxia, or the failure to establish breathing at birth, is one of the primary causes of cerebral palsy and early neonatal mortality. Criticool helps medical practitioners induce therapeutic hypothermia, improving neurological recovery and significantly reducing the mortality rate. It can be critical in treating asphyxia within the first 28 days of childbirth.

The survival of an infant post-high-risk delivery in Indian hospitals today is determined by life-saving technologies. As a result, patients look at doctors as gods. It is especially true in neonatal care. According to UNICEF, newborns face the highest risk of death in their first month at an average global rate of 17 deaths per 1,000 live births.

Dr Sachin Kumar Dubey, Consultant, Neonatology and Paediatrics, Yashoda Hospital and Research Center, said, “As many as 15 out of 100 babies can be saved using this machine. Criticool works best when used in tandem with Brainz Monitor, a tool for monitoring the brain status of a baby, like a heart ECG. It helps in diagnosing symptoms of seizures. Since seizures are not often manifested, we must constantly keep track of the infant’s brain activity. Investing in the right technology can significantly lower the mortality rate.”

Ganesh Prasad, Founder, MD & CEO, GenWorks, said, “Cirtcool is just one of the many offerings we bring to the table. We offer a complete portfolio in newborn care, from early screening and diagnosis to focused treatment and care. Our care has impacted more than a million newborns, from saving lives to enhancing the quality of life. Our connected care platform provides specialist access and medical facility anywhere in the country.”

According to the 2021 National Family Health Survey, promoted by immense improvement in healthcare, neonatal mortality rates have decreased from 45.1% to 35.7% over the last decade. Criticool not only aims to simplify infant healthcare, but it is out in the industry with a vision to save lives and to make a difference by a significant number and a strong success rate.

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