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FarEye Collaborates with Pepperfry to Improve Furniture Delivery Experience

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E-commerce is expected to grow 96% between 2021-2025 in India, reaching $120 billion in transaction value. With that growth comes delivery complexity, particularly for big & bulky deliveries such as furniture and other oversized home items. Pepperfry, the leading e-commerce home goods company, headquartered in Mumbai, India, is working with FarEye to simplify last-mile delivery, particularly for oversized deliveries requiring installation.

From ensuring the appropriately skilled two-person crew is assigned to each delivery for installation, to offering flexibility in scheduling delivery and installation appointments, to providing a simple returns process, big & bulky last-mile deliveries have added complexity. Companies like Pepperfry need to manage a multitude of factors while ensuring a consistent, branded consumer experience with every delivery.

“Consumer experience is crucial for us. We chose FarEye to help us gain real-time visibility into orders throughout the delivery process.  Our goal is to decrease delivery time and eliminate missed or delayed deliveries, increase the productivity of our delivery fleets, and ensure furniture installations are smooth,” said Piyush Agarwal, Head of Supply Chain at Pepperfry. “We’re looking forward to continuing to refine our last-mile strategy, and add a level of intelligence and automation that will reduce manual processes and costs, leading to customer satisfaction.”

Pepperfry plans to use FarEye’s last-mile delivery solutions including:-

Track: to provide real-time visibility throughout the delivery journey, and avoid delays and disruptions, ensuring every delivery arrives on time, every time.
Returns module: to make returns and exchanges seamless through a branded self-service interface for a holistic post-purchase experience.
Experience: to ensure a branded, differentiated customer experience throughout the pre-and post-purchase process – from order tracking and scheduling to delivery notifications,  returns and exchanges.

“As more than 35% of furniture sales worldwide are expected to be made online by 2025, it is crucial for retailers, shippers, and carriers to perfect the consumer delivery experience of big & bulky items, or risk losing brand loyalty,” said Gautam Kumar, Chief Operating Officer, Co-founder, FarEye. “Pepperfry is experiencing growth in delivery of oversized items and has identified areas to improve upon in the last mile in order to maintain consumer satisfaction. We look forward to supporting them on their journey, with the goal of ensuring every delivery arrives on time, is accurate, and is installed quickly and easily.”

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