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Force of Good Unveils Universal Health Token; Partners with GOQii & Animoca Brands to Transform Healthcare

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The community-backed Force of Good Foundation (FoG) is gearing up to roll out the Universal Health Token (UHT) in a phased manner over the next few quarters. Current partners of the UHT token include GOQii, Animoca Brands, and IndiGG. This initiative, designed to promote and incentivize healthy living, unites the technology and healthcare industries, signifying a change in the approach to health and well-being.

The Universal Health Token is a seminal project designed to propel individuals toward a healthier life, offering a rich array of rewards, including exclusive NFTs, event access, and discounted health products. The token integrates a data-centric approach, empowering users with deep insights and valuable analysis to enhance their well-being and take charge of their health journey. This approach forms the bedrock of an immersive user experience, merging technology and preventive care to foster a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Agastya Samat, Director at the Force of Good Foundation, accentuates the global impact of this initiative: “The launch of the UHT is aimed at building a healthier and more equitable world. Our collaboration with visionary brands like Animoca Brands, GOQii, and IndiGG is a testament to this aim and will only strengthen our efforts and dedication to reshaping healthcare and wellness through pioneering innovative technologies.”
Vishal Gondal, CEO of GOQii, shares his optimism about this venture: “Collaborating with the Force of Good Foundation for the Universal Health Token promises to be an exciting journey. The foundational principles of Force of Good align seamlessly with the core values of GOQii. Together, our mission goes beyond just gamifying health – we aim to bring about life transformations, one step at a time. Our shared vision is to turn the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle into a truly rewarding journey for everyone.”
The Force of Good Foundation is poised for remarkable expansion, amplifying its profound vision to cultivate a healthier world. The foundation is actively seeking collaborations with health communities, certified health professionals, marketplaces, organizations, and institutions. These partnerships aim to solidify its commitment and usher in transformative change across all facets of health. This visionary initiative unites technology, wellness, and community to create a healthier world, one step at a time.
Complementing this initiative are partnerships with industry giants, GOQii, Animoca Brands, and IndiGG. Animoca Brands, a leader in the realms of digital entertainment, blockchain, and gamification, pledges its extensive network and expertise to amplify and endorse the vision and mission of FoG.

IndiGG, a prominent gaming DAO, commits to furthering FoG’s innovative approach to wellness. By pooling resources and expertise, IndiGG aims to help FoG create healthy communities, enrich user experience, and foster value creation for users across markets.

As the first partner in this transformative journey, GOQii is positioned as a central pillar in this alliance, leveraging its expertise in smart, tech-enabled healthcare to foster an ecosystem that integrates a full spectrum of preventive healthcare services. With a robust Web 2.0 presence, GOQii is taking strides into the Web 3.0 space, facilitating the phased rollout of UHT to its users, thereby amplifying the mission to gamify and revolutionize health and wellness globally.
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