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Indian business leaders reflect on the future of Technology on National Technology Day 2023

Creative Synergies Group

Dr. Mukesh Gandhi, Founder and CEO, Creative Synergies Group: “India is poised for a digital revolution, but to excel in digital innovation, we need to promote a research-oriented approach to technology. Initiatives focused on establishing centers of excellence to train the youth in emerging tech and incentives for start-ups and new businesses can only work if the knowledge-base aggressively enables the economy to become self-reliant. A research-oriented approach can clearly unleash the untapped potential of EVs and robotics in emerging markets like India.

At Creative Synergies Group, our proven track record in digital engineering innovations with 40+ Fortune 500 companies worldwide enables us to empower large and mid-size businesses in India. On this National Technology Day and beyond, we are committed to supporting brands to define and realize their vision for the digital future. We are very bullish about India’s economic growth projections and look forward to playing a meaningful role in driving innovation.


Mr. Nitish Rai, Co-Founder, and CEO, FreightFox: “Manufacturing logistics is a complex and multi-echelon ecosystem that poses a range of obstacles for companies in freight movement. From fragmented information systems to unpredictable shipping costs, these challenges can make it difficult to operate efficiently and effectively. However, over the years, India has developed an innovation-driven community who are using cutting-edge technology to solve complex challenges in the manufacturing logistics industry. At FreightFox, we are proud to be part of this community that employs state-of-the-art technology to address intricate obstacles in the manufacturing logistics sector.

On this National Technology Day, we are committed to improving the freight ecosystem by providing credible freight market intelligence and granular visibility into routes and expenditures. With our integration and data-driven solution development on top of ULIP (Unified Logistics Interface Platform) developed by NLDSL, FreightFox along with the manufacturing organisations are taking decisive control of their logistics value chains.  This enables more informed decisions and a streamlined supply chain. We want to leverage technology in a truly meaningful way to create business value for the manufacturing logistics fraternity and we are dedicated to collaborating with our partners and clients to bring this vision into reality.”

Mr. Krishna Rangasayee, Founder and CEO, “Over the years with an abundance of talent and innovation, India has witnessed tremendous growth in the advanced technology sector. However, to date, the industry is burdened with numerous challenges pertaining to high power consumption, complex cooling mechanisms, and latency, which is of utmost importance in applications like automotive, drones, and robotics as they require immediate decision-making capabilities. At, we understand these challenges and have worked tirelessly to develop a solution that overcomes them. Our AI-based chip startup has developed the industry’s first software-centric purpose-built MLSoC™ platform, which is a game-changer in the field of artificial intelligence.

With our purpose-designed architecture in hardware and software, has now opened the door to the use of AI in edge devices. We bring down a significant hurdle that used to require hiring a massive army of AI specialists before any company could get started. Our software eliminates this requirement, making “Effortless Machine Learning” possible for all. This  MLSoC Platform can be deployed in “any” smart/computer vision application regardless of the image sensor type, resolution, AI model, network or framework, with a “10x” better performance than most other providers and a seamless “push button” software integration for an effortless ML experience in the embedded edge market. By optimizing power and performance, we can enable true disruptor technology for real-life applications, including smart vision, robotics & Industry 4.0, ADAS, healthcare, drones, and smart agriculture to name a few, where quick decision-making is critical.

On this National Technology Day, we are proud to be part of the vibrant and dynamic ecosystem.  As we look into the future, we are thrilled about the possibilities of AI and Machine Learning to revolutionize the industry and enhance the quality of our daily lives. By making AI more accessible, we believe that we can help catalyze the growth of the technology sector in India and beyond.”


Mr. Karan Rai, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Ennoventure Inc.  “In an ever-evolving landscape, the technology industry continues to redefine how we live, work, and interact. From artificial intelligence to biotechnology, breakthroughs across diverse sectors are reshaping industries across and propelling humanity forward.

Today, on National Technology Day, Ennoventure proudly celebrates the transformative power of innovation and the limitless possibilities it holds for a brighter future. This day serves as a reminder of the indomitable spirit that drives us to push boundaries and harness the potential of technology to shape the world we live in.

At Ennoventure, we recognize the profound impact of technological advancements on various sectors. Drawing upon our industry insights across sectors such as FMCG, automotive spare parts, and agrochemicals, Ennoventure is empowered to develop cutting-edge solutions that address complex challenges in the counterfeiting industry and further drive growth. Our comprehensive suite of anti-counterfeit solutions revolutionize the way we combat counterfeiting, offering solutions that instill trust, protect consumers, and promote a thriving ecosystem. We aim at paving the way for a future where authenticity and integrity are the cornerstones of every transaction, fostering a marketplace that benefits all stakeholders.

 We are committed to fostering innovation, driving digital transformation, and nurturing talent for the next generation. Together, we can harness the power of technology to create a prosperous and sustainable future for all.’’

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