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Leadership Excellence in the Digital Era

Leadership Excellence in the Digital Era


  • Internet is like nuclear technology, it all depends how one puts it to use. To make proper sense of internet, and the digital world, one needs to be a part of it.

The last decade of internet revolution has transformed the world. Business has never been so usual. Everything can be managed, executed on the go. Everyone is connected virtually – customers, employees, vendors and more. Information travels at lightening speed, so do impressions. If one is good, one can get endorsements fast; if one is unpopular, one can be made devil in no time

We are now exposed to a whole new transformed world run by technology.

Facing this revolutionary situation, we have only two options – to go forward and match the steps or not to go forward at all. There is no middle ground.

So what does a new-age leader have to inculcate within him/her to lead the organization towards the obvious goals?

    An Authentic Digital Leader has the following characteristics –

An authentic Digital leader is the one who can preserve his true self, using the best of what technology has to offer.     Keeping his leadership effective and flexible through various digital means, a true digital leader keeps his digital image in line with his true identity. Here are a few characteristics of a digital leade

   Using technology to your benefit

The current situation asks practicality as the first and foremost thing from the digital leader. The mere existence or infusion of technology within the organization is not good enough; a leader must know how to use the weapon they have been blessed with for the company’s benefit to the best of capabilities

   Stay updated at all times

In the digital era, you cannot afford the backlog of knowledge. In a world where information is available to everyone at the fingertips, what matters, in the end, is how detailed and up to date is the leader’s grasp on the technological know-how.

Maintain your Profiles on Social Media

Social media has become a paradox of its own name and purpose, because clearly a large portion of it is now being used for professional purposes, and why not? After all, social media platforms are the biggest promotional tools of the digital age.

Be open to chat and engage with people freely

A leader of now is different from a leader of then. A leader now has to be the face of the organization – a spokesperson. They have to maintain conversational relationships with all the people they deal with their day to day business, including media.

    Sustaining Digital Leadership encompasses –

A digital entity who is able to toughen up and is up for continuous innovation can have a shot at sustaining digital leadership. Balancing risk with profits and opportunities is an important aspect as well. Here are a few ways one can sustain digital leadership:

Comprehending strategies which are more agile

Just as technology has given the opportunity of globally accessing information, planning and executing objectives on the go, reaching out to customers and stakeholders – all at one tap; it has also made the entire thing way more competitive. So the steps taken need to be well-thought, yet fierce and agile in nature.

Innovative business models

Most markets now have no geographical or political barriers. It has opened up so much of accessibility that the road needs to be ventured with utmost care, cautiousness, and creativity – all at once.

Strategies for advance customer engagement

The evolution of business models has passed over from being a product, production, sales, and management centric, to being customer-centric. In the digital era, the customer is always right, not the boss. The department of customer engagement and service is one of the most important strategies that the leader needs to have in his planner.

    Benchmarking disruption at workplace –

With the need for growth, one also needs to benchmark disruptions. Continuous improvement in terms of resolution and process management will help one achieve success.

Empowering workforce

Manpower, being one of the seven M’s of management, is inseparable from the establishment no matter how much technology takes over. Taking care of that and empowering the task force is necessary beyond any doubt.

  Skills to manage young talent

Honing young and fresh minds and channelizing their creative minds for the best interest of the company is not an easy task to accomplish. But as a leader of the digital era, it needs to be done with utmost care keeping in mind they are the future of the company.

Motivate the aged workforce

The former point brings us to what happens to the older generation in this fast and speedy world; and nowhere does it say that they need to be left behind. With proper training and motivation, they are to be included in the whole procedure as well. The leaders need to keep in mind that their motivation will be different from the younglings.

Establishing a digital culture in the organization

Last but not the least, establishing an overall vibe of digitalization in the organization is very, very important. It is something that does not work superficially; the employees need to imbibe it within themselves and not take it as an extra burden.

With technology to one’s aid, it has become simpler for managers and leaders to communicate and organize with their teams and subordinates. While, it might seem confusing with the hit and trial with newer software and technology, one may be able to find a combination of solutions to their problems.



Ramathreya Krishnamurthi

 Business Head – TimesJobs

A business strategist and a transformational leader, Ramathreya Krishnamurthi, is known for his strategic thinking skills along with the art of managing complex transactions with simple and bottom-up solutions.

Ramathreya holds a B.E. in Computer Science and MBA from a top international business school. With 16 years of value-adding experience spanning start-ups to multi-billion dollar organizations in business leadership, strategy development and execution, corporate planning, innovation, people management and technology development, Ramathreya is a former internet-based business entrepreneur. As a business head at Timesjobs, Ramathreya is responsible for revenues, profitability and customer value proposition.

Ramathreya shares his views on the leadership prerequisites in the digital era..



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