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Need of the hour: HR Technology Transformation

Need of the hour: HR Technology Transformation

On Oct 18, 2016, an event was arranged by NTT Data, which was graced by HR professionals of various companies.

“HR technology should have a more people-centric approach.”

Sneh Pandey, Assistant HR Manager of Omax Autos Ltd. emphasized on developing technology need to focus on HR. She went on to say, “These days we need integration with a lot of different business processes. HR is moving towards that automation. Companies should focus their strategy on the integration of the people approach with the technological approach. The need of the hour is adaptation. HR is not yet evolved. There is a lot of filing and data management which needs the help of technology.”

While discussing the Human Resource department, the millennials could not be ignored. Keeping them in mind Deeksha Saxena, Head HR, PayU, said that “People are important. Especially, the dynamic nature of the younger generation is a challenge for technology. HR and technology need to develop a stronger link. People are more tech-savvy these days. They would prefer smoother, faster communication. It is important for us to become technology-friendly and move with the pace of the industry.”

HR transformation of any kind takes place from the employee’s perspective. Technology can make employees’ life much easier, more comfortable and more engaged while they work at the organization. The ease of use facilitates daily functions. Daily hygiene work like your performance appraisal, attendance, onboarding, salary, reimbursements and many more can also be taken care of by technology. The employee can remain focused on the business.

If a company is careful about all these features, it gives you an insight into what the organization is all about and provides a glimpse into the ethos of the company.

Rohit Khurana, Vice President-Rewards and HR Operations, Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Company Ltd said that “Technology needs to change and be updated. That is a no-brainer. We cannot go back to our ‘Excel sheet’ days. They have to be abreast with the employees’ requirements. We need a consolidated and integrated feature.”

It is true that the right technology can help solve a lot of employee grievances for example – problems related to payroll, salary, leaves etc. In this regard, Mr. Ashish Vyas, Deputy Manager HR, Suez Environment said that “We need to have an IT system that facilitates self-help. It would help to save the time of HR and employee both.”

Naveen Singh, Corporate HR, Jay Bharat Maruti Ltd said, “We can see the measured performance of people with the help of technology. It is actually eliminating many boring jobs. Even for smaller companies, who are resistant to change.”

Thus, if it is important to HR, it is important to the company.

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