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NoBrokerHood Rolls out Android Watch app in collaboration with Google 

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NobrokerHood, the society super app by NoBroker has developed a watch app for Android users in collaboration with Google to further ease the life of residents within the society. The watch app allows residents to approve and track entries of guests, house helps,  deliveries and others without the need of the phone.

This watch app also allows residents to enter secured amenities with a push of a button on the app which opens the gate for them automatically without entering any passcode.

NoBrokerHood has established itself as the leader in ease of use and made society living a seamless experience. With a network of over 18000 housing societies, it has seamlessly integrated world-class technology into the everyday lives of lakhs of Indian families.

The new app for smart watches makes society living and amenities access easier while enabling complete safety. There are two major use cases for this. Firstly, residents would previously approve visitors through their phones. While working out at the gym, swimming, running, driving, or playing sports, many times residents choose to not carry their phones around.

Secondly, to access amenities, residents would either need to carry their phones or recall the passcode to access recreational zones in the society.  With passcodes they ran the risk of compromising safety. Some societies charge for these amenities. So, if the passcode was leaked, they could be wrongly charged. To address that, we launched pinless entries on the phone which is now extended on the watch app and removes the hassle of carrying the phone at all times, particularly when heading out for physical activities without compromising on security.

The process is much simpler for residents with the integration of wearable OS technology. Residents can now approve or reject visitors via their smartwatches from anywhere and access amenities without having to remember their passcodes. They can now download the NoBrokerHood app on their smartwatch devices and easily carry out visitor management tasks, reject and approve entries.

Commenting on the same, Akhil Gupta, Cofounder & CPTO of said, “NoBrokerHood is focused towards making society living a secure and comfortable experience. Smart watches have penetrated the market in a big way, and we always endeavor to anticipate customer needs and design trend-setting products that are best in class and superior to existing ones. Our technology-led customer first approach helped gain the trust of Google.”

NoBrokerHood has prioritized user experience while also ensuring safety and security. It plans to implement and execute more feature updates to make society management much easier and more seamless.

With the new updates, NoBrokerHood aims to use cutting-edge technology to make lives easier.

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