Ookla Ranks JIO As the best 4G operator in India

Ookla the company which conducts speed test surveys of telecom operators has ranked Jio as the best 4G LTE operator in India.

According to Ookla, JIO reflected a significant edge in all metrics against rival telecom operators.

When it comes to cellular coverage, Reliance Jio tops the list with an impressive coverage at 99.3 per cent locations.

As per Ookla, General Availability refers to the percentage of Operator’s active locations, wherein a cellular device can have access to any kind of service. Airtel comes second on this benchmark with presence across 99.1 per cent locations.

“Jio’s General Availability was best, with users finding service in 99.3% of locations. Airtel was second at 99.1%, followed closely by Vodafone (99.0%) and Idea (98.9%),” said Ookla in its survey report which was published recently.

Jio had the most extensive network coverage for general availability across India. While the other two major telcos- Idea and Vodafone had a similar density of coverage samples but their network strength varied as per states in India.

While Idea had a stronger density in Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, Vodafone had a stronger presence in the states of West Bengal and Tamil Nadu.

“At a country-level, Jio shows an impressive 98.8% 4G Availability. That means that a Jio customer has access to LTE service at 98.8% of surveyed locations. Airtel is second at 90.0%, followed by Vodafone (84.6%) and Idea (82.8%),” said Ookla in its report.



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