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Pramod Sharda, CEO of IceWarp India & Middle East

Pramod Sharda is the CEO of IceWarp India & Middle East, a seasoned Business professional with a sharp acumen for business. As CEO of IceWarp India, his role is in providing leadership to grow IceWarp’s presence and create a market share in India.

Pramod’s vast experience in setting up, managing, and running IT businesses includes: Business Unit Leadership, Business Planning and P&L Ownership, Product Development, Product Pricing, GTM Strategy, Sales & Business Development, Project Management of large PAN India projects, Data center & Core IT Infrastructure Operations management, Customer Experience Management, Revenue Assurance.

Sharda is a well-known technology usability expert; he has the ability to deliver adoption of far-reaching business and technology solutions to meet business requirements. A passionate professional with proven adaptability and innovation using industry best practices in IT consolidation, program management, and intelligence and enterprise architecture design or solution delivery for leading global or local technology programs.

About IceWarp:

IceWarp is a global leader for developing email communication and collaboration solutions. Headquartered in Prague, IceWarp has been operating globally since 2001. IceWarp entirely changes the concept of how teams share information online and optimize business processes through its streamlined & seamless team collaboration solutions, by providing an ultimate all-in-one collaboration platform and a whole new family of apps with real-time collaboration tools, easy sharing options, integration of various virtual office functions right at user’s fingertips by integrating everything they need under a single login – Email, TeamChat, and Storage.

IceWarp offers its users ease of use, security, and efficiency through its complete solution for all their office work in a single window, without needing any third-party applications. IceWarp aims at continuous and comprehensive innovation considering current trends and requirements of more than 50 million paid users and 50,000 customers worldwide. IceWarp is currently present across 50 countries and has already acquired more than 900+ customers in India within a span of 5 years.

Currently, IceWarp is the only alternative to MS Exchange, Office 365, and GSuite.

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