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SBI Life Insurance forays into Metaverse; launches its very first ‘LifeVerse Studio’ to revolutionize customer experience in an immersive virtual world

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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the next generation of the internet – ‘metaverse’ represents a paradigm shift in the way people connect, interact and experience in the online world. SBI Life Insurance, one of the most trusted private life insurers in the country, recently launched its very first ‘LifeVerse Studio’, on Metaverse to connect with the next wave of young internet users and revolutionize consumer experience in an immersive virtual world. The objective behind the move is to connect, empower and engage with today’s new age consumers and reshape brand interactions. To further strengthen its commitment towards empowering both the employees & consumers at large, the company aims to launch its presence on metaverse in phases, SBI Life’s ‘LifeVerse Studio’ being the first phase.

By seamlessly incorporating a spectrum of technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and other innovative digital mediums, being available on metaverse continues to transform its consumers’ transformative journey across diverse industries. In this wave of innovation, the life insurance sector stands as no exception.

SBI Life’s ‘LifeVerse Studio’ is designed for the users to create their avatars to connect with a diverse set of audiences. The users can select from a wide range of interesting avatars and showcase their creative self on the platform through their avatars. This new initiative presents captivating content and stories featuring renowned personalities such as Anshula KapoorDurjoy DattaAnushka Rathod, and Tejas Joshi, allowing users to immerse themselves in inspirational narratives about these influential individuals and liberate them to fulfil their aspirations while they take care of their existing responsibilities. Furthermore, the Avatars can interact in real-time, fostering vibrant communities of like-minded individuals.

LifeVerse is accessible under About Us section on SBI Life corporate website.

The direct link to access SBI Life’s LifeVerse Studio is: Pursue your dreams responsibly with SBI LifeVerse

Click on the link to watch the launch video of SBI Life’s ‘LifeVerse Studio’:

At the launch of SBI Life’s ‘LifeVerse Studio’, Mr. Ravindra Sharma, the Chief of Brand, Corporate Communication & CSR, SBI Life Insurance, said, “As a customer-centric organization, we, at SBI Life are committed to advancing digital innovations that enhance customer experiences. We have always been looking forward to take progressive steps to connect with our customers wherever they are present and available for interaction. Foraying into Metaverse by launching SBI Life’s very first ‘ LifeVerse Studio’, we embark on a new & transformative journey that not only reshapes perception towards life insurance but also redefines brand-consumer interactions. In the era of digital transformation, the metaverse emerges as a beacon of innovation, revolutionizing online engagement. SBI Life’s ‘LifeVerse Studio’ represents our enthusiastic foray into this innovative space, promising a positive impact on our valued customers and cultivating meaningful engagements.”

He further added, “Through SBI Life’s ‘LifeVerse Studio,’ we embrace the new platform to empower our customers, enabling them to connect, explore, and be inspired in a truly immersive manner. We also aim to transcend conventional boundaries, overcome geographical barriers and extend our reach to every corner of the country, employing imagination and making a meaningful impact on consumer’s financial well-being.”

Sahil Shah, President Digital Experience, Dentsu Creative said, “Metaverse is not just a technological evolution; it’s a paradigm shift in how we connect and engage online. With SBI Life’s ‘LifeVerse Studio’, we are stepping into the future of brand communication where passions unite and immersive interactions bring people together like never before. Phase 1, i.e. SBI Life’s ‘LifeVerse Studio’, is just the beginning of our journey to create a virtual space that fosters meaningful connections between passion chasers and our audience in the metaverse. It’s an exciting step towards building a community that thrives on shared interests and experiences.”

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