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SLAY Coffee turns to AR Technology to use India’s First Coffee Recommendation Engine

Bengaluru-based coffee start-up, SLAY, has introduced the country’s very first Coffee Recommendation Engine in the form of an AR filter. One of India’s leading coffee brands that is taking the handcrafted gourmet coffee experience out of the cafe, SLAY, has understood their consumers’ need for a recommender system, now that coffee is available in a wide range, making it intimidating for some to pick their cup for the day. 

Coffee is one of the most dynamic beverages in the world that can be prepared and presented in a variety of ways. This constant development in the preparation style, flavours and combinations of coffee leads to an extensive menu with confusing names like Macchiato, Ristretto or Affogato – transforming the process of choosing a cup of coffee into a task, which only adds up to the worries of consumers rather than easing them.

By introducing its own coffee-recommending AR filter, SLAY Coffee intends to make this task of picking out a coffee an uncomplicated one. With a few quirky questions to better understand their coffee preferences – such as whether one drinks coffee with or without milk, flavours, hot or cold and so on – the AR filter will recommend a coffee that is perfect for the consumers’ needs and moods. The filter is available on SLAY Coffee’s Instagram page. All one has to do is click on the filter, answer the four questions with just a nod of their heads and receive a coffee recommendation. Not only that, but the filter also generates an exclusive coupon code that consumers can redeem during their next coffee purchase on Zomato.

Augmented Reality (AR) filters are computer-generated effects that work with the users’ camera, designed to be superimposed on real-life images and shareable on their social network. With social media turning into an easily accessible medium with the tech-savvy generation, SLAY Coffee’s AR filter aims at reaching out to maximum coffee lovers to make their coffee discovery journey effortless. The filter offers them an opportunity to embrace new variants of coffee at the tip of their fingers, thereby creating an experience they want to repeat while bolstering the brand’s vision of democratizing great coffee.

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