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The Fastest-Growing Digital Brands in India, According to Similarweb

The Digital 100 for India reveals the country’s growth machines

New Delhi, India (March 23, 2023) — Over the last year, Internet users in India rewarded the companies offering services for the cost-conscious customer, such as affordable footwear, sustainable travel, and online streaming services, Similarweb’s newly released Digital 100 report for India found. The study identified digital businesses that Similarweb data indicates grew their traffic by hundreds or even thousands of percent over the past year.

The category winners, announced today, are led by:

  • Fashion & Apparel –, up 826.1% with formal footwear for men.
  • Automotive –, up 419.5% with its one-stop solution to new car buying.
  • Beauty & Cosmetics –, up 479.8% with organic personal care products.
  • Health & Fitness – – 277.5% with a nonprofit and free exercise website.
  • Consumer Electronics – is, up 921.7% with its smart devices.
  • Financial Services – up 2,064.2% for online trading.
  • Technology & Services –, up 927.1% with a service for researching companies and their leaders.
  • Travel – – 1,078.4% with information for planning trips to Abu Dhabi.
  • Music, Movie & Streaming –, up 263.7% with movies, TV, and sports in English, Hindi, and other regional languages.
  • Jewellery & Luxury Retail – – 217.4% with an accessories website.

Read the full report for an analysis of what each of these digital growth machines did right and the patterns of success our analysts found across the ten winners per category who made up the Digital 100 India.

“To further support our clients as the official measure of the digital world and double down on the increased web traffic in the region, Similarweb has made it a priority in 2023 to expand its presence in APAC,” said Or Offer, CEO of Similarweb. Similarweb also recently added targeted coverage of South Korea.

All traffic increase figures are year-over-year comparisons of estimated desktop and mobile web visits from within India for February 2022 through January 2023 versus the previous 12 months.

Similarweb previously released a Digital 100 overview report with breakouts for the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, and Japan, Australia, and Singapore.

About Similarweb:

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