WhatsApp Can Ban You!

Popular OTT platform WhatsApp has recently banned Rajya Sabha MP CM Ramesh from using its services. The MP claims that he hasn’t violated any terms of usage of the application,  while an official response from Whatsapp is awaited.

Offlate Whatsapp has witnessed a flood of rumours and hoax messages which forced the company to make significant changes to make the platform safer and prohibit any hate mongering.

Here is all you need to know to avoid Whatsapp from blocking you in future-:

1)WhatsApp can ban your account if it violates its terms of usage. The platform can make this move even if no user has reported against your profile

2) Do not send any obscene, illegal, hate preaching messages on the platform

3)Messages involving crimes can also force Whatsapp to permanently block your account

4)Creating a fake WhatsApp account may also invite a ban from the platform

5)Also, avoid sending messages to users who are not in your contact list

6)Utilizing the platform to send viruses or malware may also get you banned

7)Any attempt to hack WhatsApp servers or snooping on someone  warrants a ban

8)If you get blocked by multiple users on WhatsApp

9)Using third-party apps which are malicious may also attract a ban








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