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E2E Networks Receives Cloud Service Provider Empanelment from MeitY

E2E Networks, an NSE-listed cloud infrastructure provider, proudly announces that it has received Cloud Service Provider (CSP) empanelment from India’s Ministry of Electronic and Information Technology (MeitY).

MeitY empanelment is a crucial requirement for the procurement of Cloud Services by Public Sector Units (PSUs), nationalized banks, financial institutions, and various government agencies, autonomous institutions, statutory bodies under the Government of India, as well as state, union territory, and local governments across India.

E2E Networks has been a dominant player in the cloud services market, offering advanced cloud GPUs, high-end compute services and containers, storage services such as Block and Object storage, DBaaS (Database As a Service), and Networking services at market-beating prices to startups, businesses and educational institutions. Now, it has completed MeitY’s STQC (Standardization Testing and Quality Certification) audit.

MeitY provides guidelines for CSPs to empanel (or, register) their services with the Government of India. Once empaneled, CSPs can do business as per the Guidelines for Procurement of Cloud Services. An independent auditor appointed by the government, the STQC Directorate, has performed the audit and MeitY has issued a letter confirming E2E Networks’s empanelment.

Commenting on the MeitY empanelment, Tarun Dua, Managing Director of E2E Networks said, “Today’s announcement of MeiTY empanelment presents a plethora of opportunities for us to assist India’s government agencies and public sector organizations in expediting their digital transformation, as over 3,000 customers have already reaped the benefits of E2E Cloud Infrastructure. We are dedicated to the expansion of our team in order to accommodate the substantial growth of our public sector business.”

 Build in India, build for the global market. We firmly support India’s economic self-reliance journey. #Atmanirbhar Bharat.

 We are pleased to inform you that our E2E Cloud offers a cost advantage of 25% and higher compared to other MNC cloud providers. This is made possible as we developed E2E Cloud in India with Indian engineers using open source. E2E Cloud takes great pride in being an Indian-born hyperscaler and is pleased to offer any Indian government agency a complimentary three-months of Cloud Infra to aid their migration .”

This significantly reinforces E2E Networks’ commitment to delivering robust, secure and scalable cloud solutions to public sector organizations across India. It confirms that E2E Networks’ Cloud Services meets the stringent government standards of quality, availability and security, and positions it to support digital transformation and smart governance initiatives in the government sector.

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