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Accenture Launches Generative AI Studio in India to Accelerate Adoption of Data and AI Bengaluru joins global network of generative AI studios

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Accenture launched a generative AI Studio in Bengaluru, India. The studio will bring together the company’s extensive talent and technology investments to offer a full stack of generative AI capabilities to optimise business processes and enable enterprise reinvention. Accenture’s data and AI team and clients will co-create solutions with a modern data and AI foundation, LLM architecture, ecosystems partnerships, talent, and responsible AI frameworks.

Senthil Ramani, Global Lead – Data & AI, Accenture said, “Clients today understand the massive opportunity that generative AI can bring to optimise and reinvent their business, opening up new avenues for growth. However, to harness the full potential of their AI investments, they need to be value-led in every business capability they choose to reinvent with generative AI. Our Bengaluru studio will help our clients around the globe prioritize capabilities across the entire value chain and make the shift to scale their AI investments, rapidly and responsibly.”

According to a recent Accenture survey: 74% of the C-suite plan to increase their AI-related spending in 2024, up from 50% in the previous year, as companies move from proof of concept to customizing foundation models with proprietary data.

Mahesh Zurale, Global Lead – Advanced Technology Centers Global Network, Accenture said, “The studio in Bengaluru offers robust generative AI capabilities combined with a wide range of world class technology services, and in-depth industry knowledge that is the hallmark of Accenture’s Advanced Technology Centers in India. Our clients across 19 industries now have the opportunity to understand, experiment, adopt and scale generative AI solutions to reinvent functions and business models to achieve new levels of performance.”

The studio located within Accenture’s Innovation Hub, is a part of Accenture’s $3 billion investment in data and AI. It will tap into the strategic investments made in Accenture’s Center for Advanced AI for clients and will draw upon Accenture’s 1,450+ pending and issued patents in AI, and learnings from over 300 active generative AI projects. The studio will also offer the recently launched services such as the proprietary gen AI model “switchboard,” customisation techniques, the model managed services and specialised training programs.

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