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Acknowledging and Appreciating the Indian PR Industry

Acknowledging and Appreciating the Indian PR Industry

The India PR & Corporate Communications Awards 2016 (IPRCCA) defines itself to be “the most extensive and exhaustive awards to recognize the contribution and success of the PR Industry.”

Why is such a recognition platform required in India at the moment? Public Relation Management is relatively a new concept in India. A layman wouldn’t have heard of the PR industry if it was not for Bollywood mentions, high profile events and aggressive campaigns. This budding and blooming industry has not only made its mark in the Indian markets but now is quintessential for promotion and awareness of any kind – may it be a product, personality or project. The PR industry has taken simple concepts of ‘maintaining contacts,’ ‘being at the right place, at the right time’ and ‘touching the pulse of the nation’ to the next level all together. In this regard, Pankaj Pachauri, a veteran Journalist & ex-advisor to the PM of India said, “PR in India is still under-appreciated, underestimated and underreported phenomena in many spheres of economic and social endeavors. I am confident that The India PR & Corporate Communications Awards 2015 will help in raising the bar of excellence for the sector and showcase its best and the brightest.”

This event goes beyond recognition. Through its practices, it can nudge the industry in the right and ethical direction. By rewarding the correct set of principles and practices it is encouraging and enforcing it among the PR industries. We have seen the growth of PR to a level where it has come at par with advertising. Since Public relation deals with strategic communication, it becomes an inescapable add on to any agenda; a complete and convenient package to make sure that the targeted set of people are on board. It is also an impressive fact that fairness has been observed in the event. There are categories and a qualified jury to select the best among the best. The fact that an event of this sort is not rigged is essential as well. The list of attendees and speakers of this event encompasses who’s who of the Indian PR connect right from politicians and representatives of top brands. The glorious winners of 2015 and 2014 already set the right kind of benchmarks.

This event is nothing short of a meeting of the creative minds.

To further check the details of IPRCCA 2016, press on the given link

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