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Asian Paints witnesses increase in appointment bookings with Netcore Cloud’s AMP Emails

Asian Paints has witnessed a staggering 400% increase in its home makeover services’ appointment booking process with customer engagement expert Netcore Cloud’s AI-powered AMP emails.

Let’s start with some stats. Netcore Cloud’s Email Benchmark Report 2023, analyzing over 100 billion emails across 20 major industries, emphasizes the importance of personalization, as 75% of retailers reported an average of 10+ page views per customer with personalization.

Asian Paints faced the significant challenge of losing leads due to a high proportion of customers dropping off as soon as they were redirected from the email to the website to book an appointment. This resulted in a loss of potential business and revenue for the company.

The importance of AI-led AMP emails is that it offers unique capabilities to drive customer engagement and boost retention in email marketing campaigns. Towards this, the brand onboarded AI-led AMP emails by Netcore Cloud.

For Asian Paints, it helped to address the challenge of drop-offs during the transition from email to website, by offering a more seamless experience to book appointments directly within the email. This, in turn, led to a reduction in lost leads and an increase in conversions, ultimately resulting in better business outcomes for the company.

A smart marketer recognizes the benefits of Netcore Cloud’s AI-led AMP Emails in driving customer engagement and boosting retention for brands. By leveraging personalized and interactive email campaigns, brands can improve customer experience, increase conversions, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

By leveraging the unique capabilities of Netcore Cloud’s AMP emails, Asian Paints is driving customer engagement and boosting retention in their email marketing campaigns. Backed by Netcore Cloud, Asian Paints’ can create emails that featured an appointment form within it. The email template offers a built-in booking form to avoid website redirects, and pre-filled information saved users time and made response easier. Users just had to click the “Book an Appointment” button to get a call to schedule home services.

Speaking on this feature, Vignesh Rajagopalan, Brand Manager – Digital and CX, Asian Paints was quoted saying, said: “With Netcore’s AMP Emails, we were able to bring interactivity via our no-code, drag and drop editor within 3-clicks. It, therefore, wasn’t surprising how we managed to witness higher conversions and greater ROI.”

Furthermore, Ramesh Srinivasan, CEO – of India Business at Netcore Cloud said: “Netcore’s AMP Email empowers marketers to craft and dispatch dynamic emails that permit recipients to engage in various actions such as form-filling, purchasing products, scheduling appointments, and more, all within their inboxes. Netcore’s innovative technology, fortified by its expertise in executing numerous impactful email campaigns, reinforces our belief in our ability to help Asian Paints’ customers avoid distractions and concentrate on their message, resulting in heightened engagement, increased conversions, and reduced drop-offs. We are excited to join forces with Asian Paints to embark on the path to the future of email and observe their revenue grow.”

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