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  • How to Use Amazon SageMaker Pipelines MLOps with Gretel Synthetic Data

    Generating high-quality synthetic data protects privacy and augments scarce real-world data for training machine learning models. This post shows how to integrate the Gretel synthetic data platform with Amazon SageMaker Pipelines for a full ML workflow. Gretel's integration with SageMaker Pipelines in a hybrid or fully managed cloud environment enables responsible and robust adoption of AI while optimizing model accuracy. With Gretel, data scientists can overcome data scarcity without compromising individuals' privacy.

  • Managing an Enterprise Backup Strategy with AWS Backup and CloudQuery

    AWS Backup simplifies policy-based data protection at scale, and observability offers insights into the backup process for monitoring, issue detection, troubleshooting, and optimization. This ensures backup dependability, efficiency, and security. CloudQuery enables managing and visualizing AWS Backup across accounts, including backup health, configuration, and protected resources to facilitate building a robust compliance posture.

  • Say Hello to 165 AWS Specialization Partners Added or Returning in January

    We are excited to highlight 165 AWS Partners that received new or renewed specializations in January for our global AWS Competency, AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP), AWS Service Delivery, and AWS Service Ready programs. These designations span workload, solution, and industry, and help AWS customers identify top AWS Partners that can deliver on core business objectives. AWS Partners are focused on your success, helping customers take full advantage of the business benefits AWS has to offer.

  • Boost Performance of Sentieon Genomics Tools Using MemVerge’s Memory Machine Cloud

    Sentieon genomics analysis tools and MemVerge's Memory Machine Cloud (MMCloud) reduce cost and improve performance for next-generation sequencing pipelines on AWS. MMCloud monitors job resource usage and seamlessly migrates running processes between optimally sized Amazon EC2 instances. Tests with a Sentieon whole genome sequencing pipeline showed a 40% decrease in runtime and 34% cost reduction versus running on a single overprovisioned instance.

  • How AWS Partners Can Achieve Sustainability Goals with a Cloud Center of Excellence

    Sustainability is a strategic priority for organizations in the global transition to net-zero emissions. Many AWS Partners have chosen to establish a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) to achieve their decarbonization goals. Learn how to incorporate sustainability into your organization with a CCoE and how AWS services can help. With these efforts in place, your business can consider joining the 460 signatories who have signed The Climate Pledge and are working towards carbon neutrality by 2040.

  • Hootsuite on AWS Accelerates Social Media Management for Businesses and Brands

    Social media is an integral part of everyday life as billions use it to connect, share, and find entertainment. Hootsuite provides businesses with a secure, scalable platform to manage social media across channels, analyze performance, and deliver customer care. By leveraging AWS services, Hootsuite offers robust tools to help brands economically manage their digital footprint, better understand their audience, and optimize their social media investments.

  • Achieve Complete Data Observability on AWS with TCS Approach to Observability Challenges

    Data observability enables monitoring, understanding, and troubleshooting data pipelines to ensure smooth and efficient workflows. By tracking metrics like lineage, volume, and schema, data engineers can quickly identify issues, optimize performance, and make informed decisions. TCS outlines an approach using AWS services for event ingestion, aggregation, and visualization to address observability challenges.

  • Adopting Multi-Region Architecture to Support ADP’s High Availability Requirements

    ADP provides cloud-based human capital management solutions to over 1 million clients in 140 countries. Using an active-active multi-region architecture on AWS, ADP built a highly available and resilient Voice of Employee application to collect employee feedback throughout the workforce lifecycle. The multi-region deployment meets availability goals and leverages AWS services to enable rapid disaster recovery.

  • Cloud-Native Data Security Posture Management Deployments on AWS with Symmetry Systems

    Symmetry Systems DataGuard is a data security posture management solution to enhance protection of sensitive data in AWS environments. It seamlessly integrates with AWS services to discover where sensitive data resides, map permissions, and identify risks—all without extracting data. Overall, the combination of AWS security services and Symmetry Systems DataGuard enables organizations to securely unlock the full potential of the cloud.

  • Identity-as-a-Service Using Amazon Managed Blockchain for Invisible and Embedded Banking

    The evolution of embedded and invisible banking has led to complex integrations between financial organizations and third-party platforms. To simplify identity management across business partners, organizations are investigating identity-as-a-service solutions using blockchain. Capgemini can help implement embedded and invisible banking by leveraging Amazon Managed Blockchain to manage decentralized identities. This provides a single immutable identity for users that scales across sub-units and partners.

  • Why SuccessKPI’s Use of Sentiment Analysis is Transformative for Customer Experiences

    Companies often struggle to understand customer sentiment in call center data, posing barriers to responding to emotions in real-time. SuccessKPI uses natural language understanding and machine learning on a large dataset to enable sentiment prediction. This helps avoid bias of human reviewers and attain objective results when analyzing customer feedback. SuccessKPI offers capabilities like sentiment by channel, time, quarter, and entity to transform customer experiences.

  • How Leidos Standardized its Application Logging into Amazon Security Lake with LOIS

    As systems generate increasing data, making sense of it is critical. Application logs are unique and not standardized. Leidos addresses logging issues using the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF) and Amazon Security Lake via the Leidos OCSF Integration Suite (LOIS), which bridges applications to generate OCSF-compliant messages and ingest them into Amazon Security Lake for analysis and visualization.

  • Generative AI Augments Marriott’s Cybersecurity Posture with AWS Partners Deloitte and Palo Alto Networks

    Marriott's CISO Arno Van Der Walt manages cybersecurity through a "human-centered, data-driven, technology-enabled" approach aimed at making security frictionless. Critical partnerships with AWS, Deloitte, and Palo Alto Networks leverage AI/ML to share threat data and empower "impossible" autonomous security. Together, their tri-party services provide an end-to-end platform unifying business and security data to detect threats and enable quick response.

  • SparkLearn’s AI-Powered Workplace Learning SaaS Solution, Supported by AWS SaaS Factory

    Dive into SparkLearn's path towards establishing a SaaS business with insights from Chad Udell, Co-CEO at SparkLearn. Notable points of discussion with the AWS SaaS Factory team revolved around the significance of adopting a product-led growth strategy and harnessing cloud services to channel resources towards enhancing the end-user experience rather than infrastructure. AWS SaaS Factory helps organizations looking to build new products or optimize existing SaaS solutions on AWS.

  • Workflow Orchestration on AWS Mainframe Modernization Service Using BMC Control-M

    Many organizations are migrating mainframe workloads to AWS to modernize applications and infrastructure. Mainframe batch jobs are business-critical, so AWS integrated its Mainframe Modernization service with BMC's Control-M workflow orchestrator. Control-M automates and monitors batch jobs on-premises and in the cloud. This integration provides end-to-end visibility, prevents service degradation, and avoids missed SLAs.

  • Meet Our New AWS Ambassadors from Q4 2023 and Explore Latest Activities

    The AWS Ambassador Program is a vibrant worldwide community of technical experts, known as AWS Ambassadors, who are prominent leaders and passionate about sharing their AWS technical expertise. They author blogs and whitepapers, create and deliver public presentations, and contribute to open source projects. Our Ambassadors evangelize AWS via social media and facilitate peer-to-peer learning by presenting at conferences, leading workshops, and hosting user group events.

  • Accelerate Product Development and Reduce Costs with Tech Mahindra’s Cloud-Based PLM Solution on AWS

    Industry 4.0 increases product complexity and customer expectations, challenging industrial companies. Tech Mahindra's Engineering on Cloud - PLM solution leverages AWS to help manufacturers centralize product data management and accelerate innovation. This cloud-native solution optimizes costs and provides enhanced security, scalability, and availability with faster time-to-market and streamlined collaboration.

  • Announcing Enhanced Capabilities for AWS Partner-Led Support

    Customers implementing sophisticated solutions based on AWS technologies often seek out qualified partners who bring their industry expertise to the table and help accelerate a return on investment (ROI) that achieves business outcomes faster. Partner-Led Support offers AWS Partners the opportunity to expand their sources of recurring revenue by complementing and supplementing AWS capabilities in delivering technical support to customers.

  • Automate Labeling for Intelligent Document Processing with Inawisdom and Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth

    Intelligent document processing (IDP) automates data extraction from diverse document formats, accelerating information retrieval. Manually labeling is expensive and difficult, and Inawisdom's IDP solution on AWS automates document labeling at scale to overcome this challenge. Its customized user interface in Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth lets subject matter experts efficiently label documents.

  • How nClouds Helped OperationsRx Build and Deploy a SaaS Solution on AWS

    Discover how a collaboration with AWS SaaS Factory revolutionized nClouds' approach to SaaS and empowered its team to amplify its capabilities. Leveraging SaaS Factory's technical knowledge equipped nClouds with the assurance and actionable insights needed to conquer the intricacies of the SaaS cloud landscape. For customers like OperationsRx, aligning with a SaaS Competency Partner like nClouds meant tapping into a reservoir of expertise, strengthened by years of experience from industry-leading experts.

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