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  • Accelerating Data Modernization and Monetization with Wipro Data Intelligence Suite on AWS

    By Satish Vaidhyanathan, Head, Integrated Solutions Design – Wipro By Sindhu Vaddi, Consultant, Data/Analytics/Intelligence – Wipro By Scott Willis, Sr. Partner Solutions Architect – AWS Wipro Traditional data stacks within an organization have a diverse mix of systems, tools, technologies, and architecture implementations. These data stack components require complex integrations to ingest, process, and store

  • Wipro applying Data, AI/ML and Generative AI to the Telecom Industry

    By Vanitha Jayasuriya, Full Stride Cloud Solution Lead, Germany – Wipro By Yedu Kuruvath, Alliances and Partner Development Lead, AI Practice – Wipro By Shaban Saddique, AWS Business Group Director, Europe – Wipro By Benson Philip, Sr Partner Development Manager, EMEA – AWS By Bindhu Chinnadurai, Sr Partner Solutions Architect, EMEA – AWS Wipro Introduction

  • Metal Toad launches Securitoad on AWS Marketplace – AI powered cyber threat prevention

    In this exclusive interview for our blog, we sat down with Joaquin Lippincott, the CEO of Metal Toad, to delve into the innovative Securitoad Machine Learning Security SaaS solution. Joaquin generously shared his expertise on how they strategically built their latest offering on the AWS Marketplace. His insights offer invaluable lessons for software providers aiming to embrace this modern delivery mode.

  • Relay42 Unlocks Customer Intelligence With a New Insights And Reporting Module Powered By Amazon QuickSight

    Relay42 is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) built to enable marketers to personalize their marketing activities across all touchpoints of the customer journey in real time. In this blog post, you will learn how Relay42 Insights and Reporting module provide marketers with deeper insight into their consumers, their behaviors, and interests using Relay42’s CDP and Amazon QuickSight.

  • Building a data foundation for AI using Snowflake and AWS

    Snowflake By Daniel Wirjo, Solutions Architect – AWS By Benny Chun, Solutions Architect – AWS By Bosco Albuquerque, Sr. Partner Solutions Architect – AWS By Hans Siebrand, Cloud Data Architect – Snowflake By Matt Marzillo, Sr. Partner Engineer – Snowflake With recent advancements, building a data platform to provide a data foundation for generative AI

  • Revolutionize data landscape with HCLTech’s Intelligent Ingestion solution for rapid ETL and beyond

    HCLTech's Intelligent Ingestion solution provides automated low-code to no-code approach, simplifying ETL build efforts for both batch and real-time data ingestion workloads. It is built using rich set of AWS services like AWS Step Functions, AWS Glue, AWS Glue DataBrew, AWS Lambda, AWS Lake Formation, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon S3, Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), etc., among other services to achieve seamless data integration, transformation and quality assurance. This solution entirely automates ETL ingestion upon a single click (event trigger) and provides reusable ETL workflows for rapid ETL development. It also brings quick actionable insights and decision making into business.

  • Announcing the Regional 2024 AWS Partner Award Winners in ASEAN

    We are proud to announce and acknowledge the ASEAN AWS Partners of 2024 that are helping customers accelerate innovation, develop industry-focused solutions, and build resilience amid the current evolving economic climate. AWS Partners play a pivotal role as strategic advisors and technology experts to accelerate cloud transformation in the region and drive local economic growth.

  • How the DuploCloud platform allows customers to build SaaS on AWS

    By Andy Boutte, Principal Solutions Architect, DuploCloud       Ian Hutchinson, VP, Sales, DuploCloud       Ranjith Raman, Principal Solutions Architect, AWS SaaS Factory DuploCloud Organizations building software-as-a-service often start with a true multi-tenant model, benefiting from economies of scale that comes with sharing infrastructure resources across tenants. However, often tenants need to

  • Streamlining AWS Cloud Provisioning and Governance with ServiceNow

    Learn how ServiceNow and AWS help businesses manage their AWS environments, thereby helping them achieve a successful digital transformation. ServiceNow offer tools for cost management, automated provisioning, and enhanced governance, which standardizes infrastructure management for easy navigation in the cloud.

  • Wealth Management Giant built a Data Foundation Platform for Intraday Reporting with Unqork’s Codeless Platform on AWS

    In the face of ever-stricter regulatory rules, rising client expectations for timely insights, and downward pressure on margins, wealth management firms are searching for ways to make their complex data management and reporting infrastructures less costly and more performant, reliable, and accurate—and able to support intraday reporting to better serve both internal stakeholders and clients. By leveraging the power and scalability of AWS along with Unqork's codeless development platform, the firm was able to build highly scalable, transparent, event driven, and flexible data platform. By doing so, the firm will be able to deliver near real-time reporting, support more timely and powerful insights to advisor and client experiences, and power all new initiatives thanks to significant gains in operational efficiencies.

  • HCL Workload Automation expands AWS integration with AWS Step Functions

    HCLSoftware's automation product, HCL Workload Automation (HWA), now integrates with AWS Step Functions. This integration offers a comprehensive automation solution, streamlining complex workflows across cloud and on-premises environments. It enables organizations to automate more use cases with increased efficiency, scalability, and reliability, utilizing the robust AWS ecosystem of services. This strategic partnership empowers customers to transform their IT landscape through centralized, cloud-native automation.

  • How AWS Partners are Driving Innovation and Efficiency with Amazon Bedrock and Amazon Q

    In April, Amazon Web Services (AWS) unveiled a suite of groundbreaking features for Amazon Bedrock and Amazon Q, ushering in a new era of generative AI capabilities. Learn how AWS Partners are leveraging the latest Amazon Bedrock and Amazon Q features to transform how they build, scale, and deploy intelligent applications—unlocking unprecedented opportunities for innovation and efficiency.

  • Best Practices from Fortinet for Troubleshooting Common Issues with Gateway Load Balancer

    Sri Ramachandran | Principal Cloud Solutions Architect | Fortinet. James Wenzel | Principal Solutions Architect | AWS Anthony Smith | Sr. Partner Solutions Architect | AWS Fortinet  Many customers have now deployed Fortinet’s FortiGate NGFW integrated with AWS Gateway Load balancer (GWLB) for advanced security inspection and business policy enforcement for North-South and East-West traffic

  • Say Hello to 153 New AWS Competency, Service Delivery, Service Ready, and MSP Partners Added in April

    By Rory Wallis, APN Program Experience Manager – AWS Partner Network The AWS Partner Network (APN) is a global community that leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) technologies, programs, expertise, and tools to build solutions and provide services for customers. The APN has more than 130,000 partners from over 200 countries, with 70% headquartered outside of

  • Meet Our New AWS Ambassadors from Q1 2024 and Explore Latest Activities

    By Matthijs ten Seldam, Global Program Manager – AWS Ambassador Program The AWS Ambassador Program is a vibrant worldwide community of AWS experts, known as AWS Ambassadors, from AWS Partner Network (APN) Services and Software Partners. AWS Ambassadors are recognized as influential AWS professionals in supporting and driving their organization’s AWS proficiency and sharing their

  • How Anchore on AWS can help customers achieve FedRAMP Compliance

    Cisco Security Cloud uses Anchore to achieve FedRAMP compliance for its cloud solutions. Anchore integrates with Cisco's AWS CodePipeline, Amazon ECR registry, and Amazon EKS to scan containers throughout the pipeline, enforcing vulnerability policies. Its integration allowed Cisco to expand Anchore to Amazon ECS and generate software bill of materials for the cybersecurity executive order. The comprehensive Anchore solution on AWS strengthened Cisco's regulated security posture.

  • Unlocking the Power of Customer Data: How Caylent and AWS Modernized an Analytics Pipeline

    By Israel Mendes, Data Engineering leader – Caylent By Washim Nawaz, Analytics Specialist – AWS By Isaac Owusu-Hemeng, Customer Solutions Manager – AWS By Muz Syed, Sr. Partner Solutions Architect – AWS Caylent  In this post, we will discuss how APN Premier partner Caylent leveraged a 3-Day Experience Based Acceleration (EBA) workshop to finalize and

  • Strengthen Security Posture with AI-Enabled Insights Using Amazon Security Lake, Splunk, and Recorded Future

    Organizations can enhance resilience by implementing Amazon Security Lake for centralized security data storage, Splunk for real-time data analysis, and Recorded Future for advanced threat intelligence. This unified approach tackles data silos, complex analysis, slow threat detection, compliance challenges, and inefficient resource utilization. Security Lake aggregates data sources, Splunk analyzes it with AI/ML for swift threat identification, and Recorded Future provides external intelligence context.

  • How Arcanum AI Migrated Models from OpenAI to AWS Using Amazon Bedrock and Amazon SageMaker JumpStart

    Arcanum AI migrated its generative AI workloads from OpenAI to AWS using a two-phase model evaluation process. Open-source LLMs were tested out-of-the-box and with customized prompts, scored by experts, and evaluated against existing use cases. Amazon Bedrock provided a private network and access control for handling sensitive client data. AWS's AI services enabled Arcanum to deploy top-performing LLMs securely in clients' VPCs, outperforming OpenAI models while meeting security needs.

  • Tenant Switching and Custom Permissions in a Multi-Tenant Serverless Application

    This post presents a cost-effective, serverless multi-tenant SaaS architecture utilizing AWS managed services. Users can belong to multiple tenants via Amazon Cognito user groups, and the solution enables seamless tenant switching and allows tenants to define custom roles with Amazon DynamoDB transactions. By leveraging AWS services, the architecture provides security, isolation, custom permissions, and flexibility to scale without operational overhead.

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