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Banking Customer to get Chat based service from Infosys

Banking Customer to get Chat based service from Infosys


 IT major Infosys subsidiary Edge Verve System’s financial software product Finacle will tie up with financial technology start-up to offer chat-based service to customers of banking clients, it was announced on Tuesday.

Funded by Tata czar Ratan Tata, Unilazer Ventures and SAP.iO, the city-based Niki is an AIbot which converses with banking customers to help them shop for products and services and carry transactions speedily.

“The partnership will enable banks using our Finacle to offer its customers a virtual banking assistant for shopping products and services,” said Infosys in a statement here Besides booking movie tickets, buses and hotels, the bot helps customers pay utility and phone bills and recharge easily.

A software application that runs automated work on the internet, a bot performs tasks that are simple and repetitive. The computer programmes is designed to simulate conversation with human users worldwide and a Chabot conducts an artificial conversation via auditory or textual methods as an interactive agent between computers and humans.

“For businesses, the chat bot is a plug-and-play technology that can be integrated everywhere, including operating systems, on messaging platform messenger and on their applications,” said the statement.

The bot will comprehend the speech text of a customer and deliver personalized suggestions. The solution will provide banks an opportunity to initiate two-way automated intelligent conversations with customers. “The joint solution from Finacle and will provide a smart-purchasing Chatbot by leveraging natural language processing and machine learning to converse with customers and perform online transactions,” said the statement.

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