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Cashless India: Paytm Launches campus ambassador program

Cashless India: Paytm Launches campus ambassador program

Paytm, the largest mobile commerce and payments platform has started a Campus Ambassador program across 200 campuses to tap into the enthusiasm of young students and engage with them formally.

Selected students are appointed in each campus as influencers and ambassadors for Paytm. The campus ambassadors help build the Paytm ecosystem on campus, ​create awareness, clear any complexities regarding the process and assist fellow students towards there initial transactions.

Kiran Vasireddy, Sr. Vice President – Paytm said, “​Students in general are among the early adopters of mobile payments, ​however ​some might be little hesitant to do digital transactions, specially when they haven’t done it before. Paytm Ambassadors work, as familiar faces that help break the ice and provide the trust these users need, to take their first digital leap.”

The Paytm ambassadors, promote the use cases of Paytm app to enable users to pay the institute fees and dues, cafeteria bills as well as buy uniforms, books and merchandise and make payments at the tuck shops. It is the ambassadors’ mission to help minimizing cash in the campuses and the initiative shall be highly beneficial for the students and parents alike.

He further added, “The key to bringing the digital payments revolution in the country is to start at the grass roots level where there is a hub of digital and transactional activity and campuses are a great place to start from. Paytm campus ambassadors will play a huge role within campuses on encouraging students to be part of this revolution. We believe, this initiative would definitely add further impetus to our mission of making India, a cashless society. ”

Paytm shall further grow the Campus Ambassador program to all large and small campuses across the country in the coming time.

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