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Collx Studio Launches Digital bridge Services – Bridging Gap Between Offline Businesses & Online Audience

Collx Studio, India’s one of the fastest-growing Digital Solutions & IT Software firms based out of Gurgaon, is excited to announce their latest Digital Bridge Services to help their clients increase their online presence and generate more consistent leads for the creation of an effective sales funnel. As stated in a release issued by the company, the newly introduced services include Lead Generation through Social Media & major Search Engines, Boosting Campaigns over social media, Verification of leads, Virtual CTO & Virtual CMO, Customer Engagement Campaigns, and Business Communication & Collaterals. Through these services, the agency envisions bridging the gap between offline businesses and online audiences. The agency believes that this digital gap between the brands and their prospective clients makes it difficult for businesses to expand and grow their customer base,
especially for startups.

Oshikka Lumb, Founder of Collx Studio commented, “COVID 19 pandemic gave a rebirth to the way businesses in all sectors function. Many have now realized that the traditional method of marketing are not enough to boost-up the success of their businesses. The gravity of having your business’s presence online is very heavy now since we have seen a prominent shift from offline to online mode of operation of businesses. The digitization of your business will gravitate more customers from all around the world. The diversity of your
customers will spring high up.

“In this pandemic, more often than not, your potential customers will turn to the internet when looking for a product or a service. So the online share of digitally enabled products or services of your business has to increase. To enter this new competitive bubble of business environment one needs to establish their firm’s online presence. Not only exhibiting your business online but also strategizing your business plan is the need of the hour. Digitization has taken a quantum leap in both business and industrial economies. Here at Collx Studio

we follow a systematic approach to ensure all our online operations deliver profitable and tangible results. We constantly encourage our clients to leverage Collx Studio’s Digital Bridge services to help them boost their business’s customer acquisition and retention rates.”, she added.

The increase in online traffic and the fact that the entire population was locked within their homes and was unable to roam freely made adapting to the ‘new normal’ quite easier for the people. And now the new normal is all about how strong your online presence is.

Shivank Maingi, Founder of Collx Studio, concluded their release with the slogan, “Jo dikhta hai vahi bikta hai”, emphasizing the significance of online presence in the present scenario. He also added, “Amidst the pandemic, Collx Studio has taken a step forward to help those who lost their jobs during the COVID Crisis by hiring more people in our team for diverse job profiles. We are also planning to expand our service to Canada in the coming future.”

The release further adds that Collx Studio is one of the leading Digital Solutions & Branding firms in India. With a new name in the market, the promoters of the agency hold experience of more than 10 years in the industry and have done marketing & branding for various big brands such as Signature Global infinity Group, M3M, Virendra Ghuman – Fitness Model, Metropole Group, Creative Ally, Global Eyes Store, Pacfo and a lot more. The agency is one of the most trusted digital services agencies across the country, renowned for its exemplary services

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