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CRMNEXT and Netmagic to Offer Cloud Based Enterprise CRM Infrastructure Services Powered by Cisco

CRMNEXT and Netmagic to Offer Cloud Based Enterprise CRM Infrastructure Services Powered by Cisco

Capturing the evolving needs of enterprises undergoing true digital transformation, CRMNEXT and Netmagic announced availability of Cloud based Enterprise CRM Infrastructure Services powered by Cisco.

The enterprise and SMB customers will receive a CRM solution on cloud running on high security data centers, thus providing robust, secure and scalable infrastructure.

Sushil Tyagi, Director Global Sales and Marketing, CRMNEXT explains, “Leveraging the unique strengths of CRMNEXT coupled with power of Cisco and Netmagic deployment capabilities, we are now offering a ready-to-use solution with the best available technology platform encompassing the three core pillars of scalability, agility and auto-upgrade. This will help enterprises to reduce time to go live, faster ROI and a platform which can match the dynamic needs of their business. Customers would enjoy easier decision-making, quicker TAT, effective TCO along with desired security and best-practices.”

Nitin Mishra, SVP & Chief Product Officer, Products & Services, Netmagic, explains “This partnership provides integrated SaaS offering to customers, thereby making it much convenient to deploy and scale CRM tool. It provides the flexibility to deploy CRM in single tenant mode thereby providing compliance on data security.”

Enterprise and SMB customers will get a solution that makes their business run simpler. The robust infrastructure and cloud services shall facilitate the customers with ease on transition. With this unique proposition, customers not just from India, but globally would route all of their Enterprise CRM needs centrally and would help accelerate the service levels and offer more job opportunities for the country.

The multi-fold benefits for the customers is that they will get a proven, ready to use CRM solution, deployed on Netmagic and hosted on cloud which is powered by Cisco.  Faster go live, flexibility to scale on demand, zero capex, reduced TCO and convenient subscription model are the key factors.  Further, easy to manage and upgrade, this cloud based Enterprise CRM Infrastructure Service by CRMNEXT Technologies gives 99.9% uptime to ensure a faster ROI.

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