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CSC Academy and TeamLease Edtech’s Digivarsity join hands with the Govt. of Jharkhand on a joint mission towards ‘Making Jharkhand Employable’

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In a significant step towards enhancing employability and educational opportunities in Jharkhand, CSC Academy and TeamLease EdTech’s Digivarsity have announced a groundbreaking partnership with the Government of Jharkhand. This collaboration, set to be inaugurated in a grand ceremony on December 8th, marks a crucial milestone in the mission of Making Jharkhand Employable.

The event, to be held in Ranchi, will witness the presence of over 200 CSC partners: Mr Rahul Purwar, Higher Education Secretary, Jharkhand, Mr Naveen Sharma, CSC Head, and Shantanu Rooj, Founder & CEO of TeamLease EdTech. This illustrious gathering will officially inaugurate the initiative that aims to revolutionise the educational and employability landscape of the state.

Under this initiative, students in Jharkhand will have access to work-integrated degree and certificate programs in diverse fields such as Business Administration (BBA), Computer Applications (BCA), Bachelor of Arts (BA), Master of Computer Applications (MCA), Master of Arts (MA), Master of Social Work (MSW), Digital Marketing, among others. This innovative approach integrates academic learning with practical, on-the-job training, enabling students to gain real-world experience while pursuing their degrees.

“We are living in a world that is changing fast, primarily steered by technology. So for youth to remain employable in the long term, the key is to continuously invest in upskilling and re-skilling. With this collaboration, the youth of Jharkhand, from all backgrounds, will have access to education combined with practical skills that will help them shape their careers better through learning by doing and earning while learning,” said Naveen Sharma, CSC Head.

The initiative focuses on mobilising the youth of Jharkhand, empowering them with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the modern workforce. By bringing education and practical training together, the partnership aims to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and its application in the real world.

“TeamLease EdTech is dedicated to developing a skilled workforce to foster socio-economic growth in India,” remarked Shantanu Rooj, Founder and CEO of TeamLease EdTech. “As we enter Jharkhand through our collaboration with CSC Academy, we harness the trust and reach of Virtual Learning Environment to bring quality education and employability skills to students in Jharkhand’s remote areas. We are confident that work-integrated degrees and certificate programs will significantly transform the employability landscape of the state.”

This collaboration aligns with the larger vision of making India employable. It is a stride towards achieving the national goal of launching such programs across all states in India. The partnership is also in line with the Government of India’s Skill India Mission, which aims to train millions in new-age skills.

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