Duolingo Max Shows the Future of AI Education

Duolingo, the world’s #1 online learning platform, announced a new product “Duolingo Max” powered by OpenAI, the leading AI research and deployment company. With early access to GPT-4, Duolingo has developed new AI-driven features to provide language learners with conversation practice and in-depth explanations of answers. These features are part of the new, higher subscription tier called Duolingo Max, which is available now for iOS in the US and other select markets.

Duolingo Max uses generative AI to create the most advanced learning experience on Duolingo yet. Subscribers to Duolingo Max will unlock access to all the benefits of Super Duolingo (Duolingo’s premium subscription), as well as two new AI features. Together, these fun new features give learners what they need to take their language skills to the next level.

  • Explain My Answer: Learners want to understand why they made a mistake. This feature offers context-specific explanations across most exercise types in your regular Duolingo lessons. Responses are generated by AI and delivered in a chatbot format from Duo the owl.
  • Roleplay: Roleplay allows learners to practice conversation skills with Duolingo’s characters in an interactive AI chatbot experience. Conversations will be scenario focused, in places like a cafe or airport. In the end, learners get feedback on their writing skills with a sprinkle of encouragement too.

“AI accelerates our mission to make high-quality education available to everyone in the world. The things that we can do now with the power of OpenAI’s technology are going to shape the future of education,” said Luis von Ahn, CEO, and Co-founder of Duolingo. “Most people don’t have access to a one-on-one human tutor, but I believe AI will allow us to eventually recreate the experience of a human tutor and scale it to everyone in the world. I’m so excited to share these incredible new features with millions of Duolingo learners.”

Duolingo has been developing this AI secret sauce for years to make education more effective, affordable, and engaging. The language learning app uses its custom AI to help you find the right course level, tailor lessons just for you, and give you personalized feedback. In September 2022, Duolingo and OpenAI began collaborating to build brand-new learning features using GPT-4. This meant training the model for Duolingo’s special use case, double-checking the accuracy of its explanations, and tweaking the prompts used in Duolingo Max.

Duolingo also puts AI to the test through its Duolingo English Test (DET), the leading high-stakes English proficiency exam available online, and on demand. By using AI in every step of the testing process, including generating questions, scoring the test, and keeping the test secure, the DET makes educational opportunities more affordable for millions of students.

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