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HackerEarth achieves record revenue growth, as remote hiring continues to surge in India

HackerEarth, a solutions provider to source, assess, upskill and engage software developer talent, has released an overview of its YoY growth and milestones. Between Q3 2020 – 2021, HackerEarth saw a record revenue growth of 144 per cent increase in India and 185 per cent in the US. This was accelerated by the launch of HackerEarth for Enterprises, the industry’s first comprehensive platform that unites every step of the tech employee lifecycle from sourcing, screening, interviewing and continuously engaging developer and data science talent.

Catalysts for this growth include the continued shift to remote workplaces and the subsequent spike in demand for a solution that improves and unifies the current fragmented market solutions in the developer hiring funnel. Accordingly, HackerEarth released an enhanced version of FaceCode as a standalone solution for conducting technical interviews with developers. The company also completed several key integrations with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), including LinkedIn Talent Hub and Lever.

“Regardless of industry, software continues to be the core driver of innovation and competitive advantage for enterprises large and small,” said Sachin Gupta, CEO, HackerEarth. “To meet the needs of our software-driven world, companies must put strategic thought into building the tech teams responsible for developing the software and applications of tomorrow. More and more tech and HR professionals are realising the advantages of having comprehensive visibility of their developer and data science talent, and this is underpinning the mutual growth, success of us and our community,” added Gupta.

As a result of HackerEarth’s investments in its 6.5 million developer community and in product development and tech integrations, organisations are able to manage their entire developer lifecycle. This includes engaging and sourcing talent via hackathons and hiring challenges, building assessments in minutes, running coding interviews and upskilling employees as new technologies and trends in software/application development emerge.

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