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ideaForge announces Flyght Cloud platform, revolutionizing Drone Data Analytics


ideaForge Technology Limited, a leading global drone technology company, proudly announces the Beta launch of its groundbreaking Flyght Cloud platform,  poised to redefine the landscape of drone data analytics. This innovative platform can eliminate the complexities of multiple vendors, regulations, and inefficient workflows.

Operated with a subscription-based pricing model, it provides flexibility and affordability through various workflows tailored for a specific industry/use case. By seamlessly integrating with ideaForge’s advanced drones, it enables users to fully harness the potential of their aerial data with ease and efficiency.

“With Flyght Cloud, we are redefining the way businesses leverage drone data to deliver outcomes’ remarked Mr. Ezhilan Nanmaran, Head of Product and Strategic Partnerships at ideaForge Technology Limited. “One Platform, Infinite Possibilities,” encapsulates the essence of Flyght Cloud. Whether it’s planning missions, capturing data, processing images, or analyzing insights, Flyght Cloud streamlines every step of the workflow with just one click.”

Flyght Cloud boasts a range of key features designed to revolutionize drone data analytics across diverse industries such as Construction, Mining, Utilities Management, Infrastructure and Forestry. These industry-centric workflows tailored to specific applications ensures seamless integration with existing systems. The platform offers customizable solutions to address the unique needs of diverse industries, coupled with rapid data processing for swift turnaround times.. Automated reporting streamlines the analysis process, while AI-powered tools enhance decision-making with intelligent insights. Ensuring data security is our top priority, and we uphold stringent standards to safeguard user data. Additionally, Flyght Cloud provides access to an extensive app marketplace for further customization and scalability, making it a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to unlock the full potential of drone data intelligence.

Collaborating with industry partners, this platform facilitates expert integration with specialized workflows, empowering users to amplify data analysis capabilities and attain deeper operational insights.

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