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Indian Institute of Management Nagpur launches Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Blockchain Technology

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TimesPro and the Indian Institute of Management Nagpur have launched the inaugural batch of Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Blockchain Technology to equip learners in developing critical thinking abilities and strong fundaments in blockchain to provide innovative solutions for varied sectors.

The nine-month Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Blockchain Technology will empower learners with a comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology and expose them to platforms like Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric to write smart contracts and develop blockchain-based solutions. Blockchain has found global acceptance across leading sectors like financial services, technology, crypto assets, healthcare, governments, supply chains, entrepreneurs and innovators and led to significant benefits across business, including transparency, traceability, reduced costs, etc.

The Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Blockchain Technology will be conducted via TimesPro’s state-of-the-art Interactive Learning (IL) platform and delivered in Direct-to-Device (D2D) mode. The programme also includes a three-day campus-immersive session for learners. It follows a proven pedagogy consisting of lectures, case discussions, simulation games, role-plays, group projects, and other experiential exercises. As part of their Capstone project, learners will have to Develop High-level Architecture and Conceptual Framework for Blockchain and implement it using one of the Blockchain platforms.

The programme will help learners vastly enhance their skillsets by learning subjects such as Cryptocurrency Mechanics, Blockchain Mechanics, Smart Contracts and Decentralised Applications, Blockchain Applications and Use Cases, Blockchain Architectures and Platforms, Blockchain Programming, among others.

Speaking on the announcement, Sunil Sood, Chief Business Officer, Executive EducationTimesPro, said,“With data security and privacy taking precedent in a networking-led tech world, MNCs are adopting blockchain technology in a big way to ensure protection and transparency. Over the coming years, every sector will transition to blockchain and require a significant investment in skilled human resources. It will be imperative for learners to gain invaluable expertise through a blockchain programme from IIM Nagpur to take a step in the right direction.”

Gunjan Tomar, Programme Director, IIM Nagpur, said, “The inaugural Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Blockchain Technology will build IIM Nagpur as a next-gen institution offering cutting-edge and emerging technology programmes. We aim to equip our learners with industry-relevant skills to address the rising needs of our tech ecosystem.”

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