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India’s Internet Goals for 2017

As the very eventful year of 2016 draws to an end, it’s time to measure the progress, cut back the losses and acknowledge the one year long journey which was not short of a roller coaster ride for India. We saw leaps and bounds of changes this year and before we usher in the next we are ready to set goals. The goals of the year 2017 focuses internet and steps to make India a cashless economy.

The Internet Goals of 2017 should primarily be –

Getting B2B companies (of all sizes) online – B2B companies have stayed behind the curtains and it’s time to unveil now more than ever. People are foreseeing problems with a cashless economy and it may also become difficult for small businesses to survive in a cashless manner; especially if they are forced to cut down manpower. But helping, enabling and gently nudging them towards the virtual direction may help them to make a smooth transition.

Cyber Safety – With the growth in the number of people going online cyber safety will become further more essential than it already is. The number of Cyber Cells should increase and the invigilation in general should become stricter. The number of fake transactions and online scams are expected to increase as well. The overall number of online frauds will inevitably increase too.  Cyber security cells should be active enough to counter every new kind of cyber scam because currently India’s cyber cells are known to have many loop holes the two step authentication should be applied to all online payment gateways.

Fostering the habit of daily usage – There needs to be a way to get all the new users online in a safe and secure way. A good amount of safety measures need to be taught to them as well. Encouraging people to make the choice of using online services when it comes to everything financial, right from daily transactions to savings to investing – is an important step in fostering the daily habit of internet usage. There a lot of applications are coming up when it comes to enabling online financial habits.

By the end of 2017, India as a country should be more internet friendly than ever and that is the goal to accomplish.

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