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Logitech to improve hybrid meetings with AI powered RightSight 2 software

logitech software RightSight 2 software

Improve Your Remote Meeting Quality

Logitech introduces RightSight 2 simultaneously presents a close-up view of the individual speaker and a view of the entire meeting room during video calls.meeting room video calls

With RightSight 2 auto-framing technology, far-end participants can easily follow the active speaker while also getting situational context from the group, such as one person gesturing to another or writing on a technology

RightSight 2 is Logitech’s latest innovation in an ongoing goal to make meetings more equitable now and in the future.innovation future

Speaker View is a new mode that uses the two-camera system in Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini to render a picture-in-picture view* of the active speaker and the whole group.


Users can update their video bars in Sync with their device management software.


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