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MoEngage Gaming Report Suggests Ways to Gain Competitive Edge in the Industry 

MoEngage, the insights-led customer engagement platform, released the findings of The State of Mobile Gaming in India report in association with AppsFlyer and AppTweak. The report indicates the importance of brands arming themselves with intelligent engagement platforms to build an impactful engagement strategy, and retain users in the long run.

India’s Mobile gaming market is snowballing due to the expansion of smartphone penetration, the availability of more affordable data plans, and the second wave of the pandemic. These factors have acted as accelerants for the spike in interest, and this can be seen across key attributes.

The report analyzes over 100+ mobile gaming brands to observe normalized trends across multiple attributes.

Key outcomes of the report are as follows: 

  • An upsurge can be seen across overall install trends, with a 90% uplift in casual games in May 2021, compared to January 2021! The interest in hyper-casual and real-money/social casino gaming applications also spiked and compared to in May 2021, with an almost 50% increase compared to January 2021 and a 40% increase compared to February 2021, respectively
  • Casual games and real-money/social casino games clocked an increase in the stickiness of almost 9.5% and 11.1% in February 2021 compared to January 2021, while hyper-casual games trailed in at a 5.8% uplift in the same time frame.  While the stickiness has remained considerably constant within the same time period across all three sub-segments of gaming, there is major scope for game developers to try out newer methods to re-engage their customers
  • A similar spike is also evident when we compare the difference in IAA Revenue uplift as seen in a matter of 4 months, i.e., January 2021 and May 2021: Casual games and real-money/social casino games saw a 20X and 12X jump, respectively, from January 2021 to May 2021. Taking stock of the same time period, Hyper-casual games witnessed almost an 83% increase in the IAA revenues!

But this progression wasn’t maintained as 2022 approached. The trends point toward the brands’ inability to keep the positive movement across the above-mentioned attributes. Additionally, the market is only getting more and more competitive by the day, with innumerable amounts of brands entering this space.

Insights To Unlock Retention

Platforms like Customer Engagement Platforms or CEPs help you tap into the vast pool of insights available to optimize your customer engagement strategies and personalize customer journeys. An insights-led approach will help you build and retain a loyal customer base.

These platforms come equipped with:

  • Supreme Segmentation functionalities that help gaming brands create deeper-level segments and provide personalized customer engagement for their users
  •  Features powering engagement not only across channels, including mobile, social, email, and web, but also OTT, voice, and Points of Sale. Hence enabling an omnichannel experience for the end user
  •  AI capabilities that fuel engagement campaigns with AI-driven insights

“By virtue of using the right kind of tools and platforms, brands can customize their communications effectively and stay one step ahead of the competition. Customer Engagement Platforms (CEPs) help marketers do exactly that and therefore help increase customer satisfaction,” said Shivangi Boghani, Assistant Vice President, India, Middle East, MoEngage.

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