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Nagarro reaches the milestone of 15,000 colleagues

Nagarro, a global leader in digital engineering, announced that the size of the Nagarrian family had crossed the 15,000 mark. Even in a highly competitive job market, Nagarro continues to attract great engineering talent on the strength of its interesting digital projects and its unique culture. Meanwhile, Nagarro also continues to attract entrepreneurs looking for a good home for their companies and a larger playing field for themselves.

On achieving this milestone, Dr. Manas Fuloria, CEO at Nagarro said, “From 8,700 Nagarrians at the end of 2020 to 15,000 Nagarrians fourteen months later – this shows how the global demand for digital engineering has translated into intense growth for Nagarro. Some of this growth has come through acquisitions but we have also hired in record numbers, especially in India. The hiring spree continues, even while finding great talent continues to be challenging. We plan to expand our global workforce by 4,500 in the coming months. We are confident that Nagarro’s global nature as a Germany-listed company, the high quality of our technology work, the learning opportunities here and our great workplace culture will help us make our hiring numbers.”

Nagarro has recently announced the opening of 4 new offices in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Patna, increasing its presence to 14 cities in India. While the company has a permanent Work From Anywhere policy, it continues to provide Nagarrians the opportunity to work from their hometowns. In total, Nagarro employs from over 130 different cities in India. Moreover, with Philippines as its latest addition, Nagarro now has a presence in 28 countries.

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