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ONDC is now accessible to buyers in Hindi and Kannada via Mystore

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Mystore, the first ONDC-connected marketplace, upgrades its ONDC Buyer App to make it multilingual. The multilingual Mystore Buyer App now supports three languages namely, Kannada, Hindi and English to facilitate seamless buying for buyers across India in their native/preferred language.

The latest multilingual addition to Mystore Buyer App is aligned with the government’s vision to make ecommerce easier not only for sellers, but also for buyers living in smaller cities and hinterlands. By enabling buying on ONDC in local dialects and regional Indic languages, Mystore aims to make ecommerce convenient and seamless for buyers pan-India who converse in diverse languages.

Research suggests that 68% of online customers like to interact with businesses in their local language. Also, native languages inspire customer confidence and 64% of customers are willing to pay more for products or services offered in their native language. Over 43% of the Indian population are internet users and have been conditioned to buying online during the pandemic. However, the majority of these online buyers are non-English speakers and relate more to businesses that offer communication/content in their native languages.

Highlighting the importance of multilingual content on the network, ONDC MD,CEO, T Koshy stated that the network is pushing more regional Indic languages for both the buyer and seller applications to help faster adoption and widespread use of the Government-backed network.

Mr. Koshy adds, “We have a thriving customer base in tier II, tier III, and cities beyond that. By enabling regional languages on ONDC, we want to enable local buyers to discover, evaluate and buy products after correctly assessing them. Multilingual content will also reduce incorrect purchases, refunds and returns for the sellers. We already have some encouraging solutions for multilingual buyer apps and we are looking forward to having seller apps in regional languages as well.”

By enabling the multilingual feature on its Buyer App, Mystore gives the government’s Vocal for Local initiative a push and enables buyers to discover their local sellers easily. With multilingual translations of product names and descriptions in the buyers’ native language, Mystore is helping buyers make informed buying decisions.

Buyers using the multilingual Mystore Buyer App can set up their location using a built-in location selector and also choose from their preferred languages, i.e, Kannada, Hindi or English. Buyers using Mystore App can also add products from different sellers to a single cart and manage their orders in their preferred language.

Highlighting how the multilingual feature of Mystore Buyer App will help buyers and sellers, Ms. Kriti Aggarwal, Co-Founder, Mystore said, “ONDC is meant for an inclusive Bharat aligned with “Sarvajan hitaay, Sarvajan sukhaay (For the good of everyone, for the happiness of everyone)”. Ecommerce in India is booming but the journey to include all in this growth trajectory and democratize Ecommerce in India cannot begin without bringing the majority of Indian citizens onto the open network.

Our multilingual Mystore Buyer App is designed to speed up the adoption of the ONDC network by buyers pan-India. By helping the buyers find product-related content in local languages, Mystore will be enabling sellers to get 22%-30% higher sales leads on average.  As of now Mystore Buyer app is available in Kannada, English and Hindi and in future, we have the provision to add more languages as ONDC launches in new geographies across India.”

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