Partex NV and Yotta unveil groundbreaking AI partnership to revolutionise healthcare

To address the increasing need for real-time AI computing in this digital age, Partex NV, a trailblazer in AI-powered Drug Assets Management and Yotta Data Services, a leader in AI with its own sovereign AI platform, hyperscale cloud, and data center services have announced an innovative partnership aimed at revolutionizing the healthcare industry through advanced AI technology.

This groundbreaking collaboration will utilize Yotta’s cutting-edge Shakti-Cloud platform, bolstered by robust Nvidia H100 GPU computing infrastructure, to support Partex NV’s sophisticated AI-driven healthcare solutions. The partnership is dedicated to developing and deploying AI-based applications that will significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare services, particularly in drug discovery and patient care.

As part of our collaboration, Yotta will deploy its enterprise-grade software and provide support to set up a preview lab and a dedicated control panel, complete with a dedicated GPU POD for Partex. This setup will empower Partex to deliver its groundbreaking solutions to customers not only in India and Europe but also across the globe. Both teams will form a dedicated cross-organization unit to craft a joint go-to-market partnership model. In this model, Partex will contribute its domain expertise in healthcare, while Yotta will bring its advanced AI platform capabilities to the table.

The collaboration aligns with India’s growing embrace of AI technology, anticipated to reach a market size of $14 billion by 2030. The partnership aims to democratize AI-based healthcare solutions, making them more accessible to various stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.

Commenting on this development, Dr Gunjan Bhardwaj, Co-founder & CEO, Partex said, “Our collaboration with Yotta is a landmark step towards integrating AI deeply into healthcare and will help drug discovery and various other health care solutions possible at scale and at low costs by opening up access to specialized AI infrastructure to customers in India and the world. We are excited about the boundless possibilities this collaboration holds, combining our AI and healthcare expertise with Yotta’s GPU platform capabilities and technological prowess to create impactful healthcare solutions and are eager to see the transformation it brings to India’s tech-led heath care landscape.”

Sunil Gupta, Co-founder, MD and CEO of Yotta, echoed this sentiment, adding, “This partnership with Partex NV aligns perfectly with our vision of harnessing AI and cloud technology for societal good. We are confident that our combined strengths will lead to breakthroughs in healthcare, significantly benefiting patients and the industry. This collaboration shall usher in a new era of healthcare innovation in line with the vision of the Hon’ble Prime Minister for a digital Bharat. We look forward to embarking on this journey, leveraging our scalable sovereign cloud, cutting-edge GPU technology, and AI compute platform services.”

Yotta’s Shakti-Cloud AI platform includes various IaaS and PaaS services, including foundational AI models and applications that help Indian enterprises create powerful AI tools and products. Yotta is deploying one of the 10 largest super computers in the world with its first cluster of 16,000 Nvidia H100 GPUs along with InfiniBand and high-speed storage at NM1, Yotta’s highly acclaimed and Asia’s largest Uptime Tier-IV data center, located in Navi Mumbai. Next, Yotta will deploy a similar-sized cluster at D1, Yotta’s hyperscale data center in Greater Noida, near Delhi.

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