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Swati Bhaskar, Principal Correspondent, IndiaTechnologyNews speaks to Anurag Mundhada on the Medd Health website & Mobile App evolution which not only helps patients (currently in Indore) in choosing the right diagnostic lab for themselves but also aids patients with great discounts if the services are booked online. After the very successful pilot run in Indore the team is geared up to embrace Mumbai with greater technology advancements & enhanced user experience. The Medd App has been developed by HolaMed Healthcare Technologies which was founded by IIT Mumbai dropouts Arpit Kothari, Anurag Mundhada and Akash Deep Singhal along with Era Dwivedi, an alumnus from Carnegie Mellon University

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With technology as a facilitator patients in Indore can either book a test through the website or download the Android App from Google Play. The facility lets the patient compare prices and book all diagnostics tests at lowest prices at Indore’s leading diagnostic centres & hospitals. This easy to access convenience app offers a minimum of 20% discount on MRI Scan, CT Scan, Sonography, ECG & blood tests if reserved online.

1) Please iterate the Medd Diagnostics Journey. Why is it so important to introduce the team Medd Diagnostics as IIT Bombay dropouts?
It started when Arpit started an NGO to bring affordable, quality diagnostics to the people. It grew from one customer a day to 70000 a year, without any marketing, zero losses and with Arpit being still in college.Research borne out of it was presented at the WCPH – World Congress on Public Health (WHO and UN’s flagship conference on public health).Then he was soon joined by Anurag, Akash and Arpit, and we grew on to build the app and website to bring it to everyone.

Regarding your second question – It made sense for us to drop out and completely focus on Medd which can potentially impact billions. It was not our decision to introduce ourselves as dropouts in the recent coverage in media; it was just a fact that was mentioned which unfortunately became the headlines.

2) Why did the team use the App channel to reach out for the initiative?

Mobile penetration is at unprecedented levels and we believe going anything apart from App-first is a big mistake in this ecosystem. However we do have a website and a helpline number in place since we believe everyone should have access to quality and affordable healthcare.

3) With a platform so universal as an app why was Indore the first choice for its pilot run?

Indore is a great first market and we had immense learning in terms of product and business development. When we launch in Mumbai it would be an extremely refined product.

4) Technology wise what would be the leap to launch the app for Mumbai?
The technology for launching in Mumbai is already ready; it’s just minor improvements in user experience that need to be done before a Mumbai product

5) How supportive were the local diagnostic labs to jump start the project in Indore?

We enjoyed great support from the diagnostic labs and hospitals in Indore, including many big names. All the labs that we approached actually welcomed our startup with open hands.

6) How do you see the road ahead?

We are extremely keen to launch in Mumbai and see the learning we had in Indore put to test. These are really exciting times for us!

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