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Remote simplifies contractor management to help companies confidently scale global workforces

Remote, announced Contractor Management Plus. As companies of all sizes increasingly rely on contractors and freelancers, Contractor Management Plus equips Remote’s customers with advanced safeguards against misclassification risk, including built-in global compliance and indemnity coverage of up to $1 million.

Businesses worldwide use the Remote global HR platform to manage their contract workforce alongside their domestic and international employees. Remote customers can efficiently pay contractors with guaranteed payouts in their local currency, automate contractor onboarding and recordkeeping, and generate localized contracts for 200+ countries.

As efforts to combat contractor misclassification increase globally, companies can use Remote to proactively evaluate and manage their misclassification risk. When necessary, they can convert international contractors to employees through Remote’s Employer of Record service. Contractor Management Plus provides Remote customers with a warranty, backed up by a $1 million indemnity, that our contracts will not put them at risk of misclassification. This additional security mitigates risk for companies hiring contractors for projects or in new countries, fostering confidence and flexibility as they pursue global growth and expansion.

Contractor Management Plus is the latest release from Remote to simplify managing and paying global contractors. Other contractor management features include:

● Currency-agnostic invoicing: Contractors can bill clients in their currency of choice with guaranteed payout amounts, while clients can pay in theirs – with Remote handling conversion and covering fluctuations.
● Automations and bulk actions: Companies can supercharge the process of hiring and onboarding large numbers of contractors around the world, with the ability to create and sign contractor agreements in bulk, turn on smart invoice approvals, and set up automatic payments.
● Contractor self-service: Companies can skip administrative work by inviting contractors to onboard themselves and verify their identities in Remote. Their contractors can then use Remote Freelancer Hub to track and bill all their clients in one place, and automate their freelance business operations.

Contractor Management Plus is priced at $99 per contractor per month, while Contractor Management Standard is billed at $29 per active contractor per month. With both products, Remote offers transparent pricing and no hidden fees. To experience the benefits of Remote Contractor Management, companies can use a free 30-day trial.

“Managing global contractors comes with a myriad of challenges, from navigating different regulations to ensuring efficient payment halfway around the world,” said Job van der Voort, Remote’s co-founder and CEO. “We’re committed to providing tools that simplify these complex processes and helping companies effortlessly manage their global workforce and stay compliant.”

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