Satya Nadella Decodes Future in India

Satya Nadella Decodes Future in India

The famous Indian-American Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella held a very successful digital festival in Mumbai called Future Decoded. This two day event became one the highlights of the nation in 2017. The special aspect of this event was that the keynote address was delivered by Satya Nadella himself. He spoke about building products and coming up with new technological innova5tions, specifically for the Indian markets. He wants to keep his focus on empowering people through technology and providing end to end solutions. Keeping Aadhar card system and secure identity authentication in mind, making transactions in a friction free way is essential. Microsoft clearly intends to provide a secure way to access data.

Stressing on the importance of data, Satya Nadella discussed fundamental digital transformation in any scale of businesses – small or large. In his words,” Financial services have been driven by data. Thus it is the most important resource.” Data should be seen as an asset, not just for organizations but for governments too. Creating data base is crucial.

This digital event also focused on empowering Indian citizens by their own data so that they can become DATA RICH from DATA POOR.

Being a responsible citizen, Nadella also commented on the current dismal political scenario of America. The Trump administration has been causing disruptions at all levels of the tech industry functions. He said that America is a land of immigrants and American value is all about diversity and inclusion.

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