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Scandron India Elevates Drone Operations with Launch of Command and Control Centre in Bangalore


Scandron, a pioneering leader in drone technology and services, is proud to announce the opening of its state-of-the-art Drone Operations Command and Control Centre in Bangalore today. This strategic move reinforces Scandron’s commitment to advancing the drone industry and enhancing the efficiency and safety of drone operations nationwide.

The newly launched Command and Control Centre is set to become the nerve center for managing and overseeing all Scandron and client drone operations across India. With an emphasis on precision, safety, and innovation, this facility represents a significant milestone in the growth and development of Scandron’s comprehensive drone services.

Key Features and Functions of Scandron’s Drone Operations Command and Control Centre:

Real-time Monitoring: The centre boasts advanced monitoring capabilities, providing real-time data on drone flights, weather conditions, airspace restrictions, and more. This allows Scandron to ensure the safety of every operation and make necessary adjustments on the fly.

Data Analysis: Cutting-edge data analytics tools are employed to gather and analyze information from drone missions, enabling Scandron to optimize routes, flight times, and resource allocation for maximum efficiency.

Security and Compliance: The facility adheres to strict security and compliance standards to protect data and ensure all operations comply with local regulations. This commitment to compliance further underscores Scandron’s dedication to responsible drone use.

Client Collaboration: Scandron’s clients will have seamless access to the Centre’s resources, fostering collaboration, transparency, and the ability to customize drone missions to meet their unique needs.

Remote Piloting: Skilled drone operators can remotely pilot and control drones, assisting with complex missions and ensuring safe flight operations.

Mr. Rana Rajvinder Singh, COO & Founder, Scandron India, expressed his enthusiasm about this milestone, saying, “The Drone Operations Command and Control Centre marks a significant step forward for Scandron and the drone industry as a whole. We are excited to offer a centralized hub for monitoring and managing drone operations, ensuring safety, efficiency, and reliability for our clients across India.”

Mr. Sanjeev Bhandari, CSO & Founder, Scandron India said, “Scandron’s Bangalore Control Centre marks a pivotal moment in India’s drone landscape. This hub promises safer, smarter, and more efficient drone operations, revolutionizing industries across the nation. With cutting-edge technology and a focus on compliance, Scandron is set to propel drone technology to new heights, benefiting businesses and communities alike”

This launch comes as a response to the growing demand for drone services in various sectors, including agriculture, infrastructure, logistics, and public safety. Scandron is well-poised to meet these demands and provide innovative solutions to tackle complex challenges.

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