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Seclore begins Professional Services in India to Expand Data-Centric Security Platform 

Cyber Security

Seclore, a leading provider of data-centric security solutions, announced the launch of its new professional services solution in India giving customers and partners more flexibility in protecting critical data. The Seclore Professional Services offering brings together robust training and onboarding, custom integrations, and expert consultants, with more support options to maximize business value and enable customers to secure their most precious digital assets.

Today’s enterprise organizations are more interconnected and complex than ever, often relying on an organic mix of on-prem and cloud environments to support the wide range of siloed business and security applications needed by companies. The boundless nature of business also requires organizations to regularly share mission-critical data beyond their network — with partners, third parties, and sometimes thousands of others — to maintain business operations and drive growth.

To protect this flow of data seamlessly without any leakage, Seclore has launched Seclore Professional Services which utilizes in-depth product and security expertise to offer onboarding, training, custom integrations, and managed services to secure the enterprise. The expansion of the Seclore offering introduces new possibilities for customers of varied scales to assess their project and support needs, address data protection challenges, ensure adherence to implementation timelines, and enable business goals without delay or downtime.

Seclore offers pre-built connectors and custom integration services for comprehensive security across all environments. Seclore’s well-documented SDKs and APIs support hybrid and multi-cloud integrations, including CASB and SIEM. In addition to this, Seclore offers services like data-security strategy, risk scoring, gap analysis, and cloud migration to ensure seamless integration and protection and policy development.
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