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Snowflake Announces General Availability on Microsoft Azure Pune Region in India to Meet Customer Demand 

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Snowflake has announced its increasing presence in India by enabling general availability on Microsoft Azure Pune region in India. The expansion builds on Snowflake’s commitment to customers by providing closer proximity to their data, and upholding and maintaining data governance.  

Snowflake supports local organizations that want to keep their data in India, and leverage the flexibility and scalability of Snowflake’s Data Cloud. The deployment will empower businesses and organizations with the near-instant elasticity of Snowflake to grow their business, in India and beyond.

“Snowflake customers operating in India can now keep their data local and, at the same time, help customers mobilize and maximize the value of their data to drive innovation and business agility,” says Vimal Venkatram, Managing Director, Snowflake India. “As more organizations adopt a multi-cloud strategy, having Snowflake available on the Microsoft Azure Pune region will allow more businesses to unite siloed data, discover and securely share data, and execute diverse analytic workloads.” 

Partners in India welcomed the announcement: 

 “The Blazeclan and Snowflake partnership has helped many joint customers establish a single, integrated platform for their data workloads,” said Varoon Rajani, CEO, Blazeclan. “With today’s announcement, even more customers in India can accelerate their multi cloud data journey, to achieve secure data sharing, near-zero maintenance to unlock their data for better business value”. 

“The EY and Snowflake partnership has helped many joint customers establish a single, integrated platform for their data workloads, globally, “ said Mahesh Makhija, India Technology Consulting Leader, EY. “With today’s announcement, and given our strong partnerships with both Snowflake and Microsoft, we see a significant opportunity to help customers accelerate their data journey in the cloud.”


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