TAP Portugal extends partnership with Accelya


Accelya, a leading provider of financial and business intelligence solutions to the Airline and Travel industry, today announced that TAP Portugal, the leading airline of Portugal, has extended its partnership with Accelya for end-to-end audit services across all potential leakage sources in booking and ticketing lifecycle. The services used by TAP include Sales Audit, PNR and Revalidation Audits, Audit Intelligence, Waivers Management and BIDT Audit.

“We are happy to strengthen our relationship with Accelya. Their sales audit service has helped us identify significant amount of recoverable revenues. And with their BIDT Audit, we complete the audit cycle. As a result, we have seen marked improvement in the accuracy of our inventory because now the agents create a PNR when it is actually needed”, said Carlos Paneiro, VP – Sales, TAP.

Speaking on the occasion Artur Farinha, Revenue Assurance Business Manager Accelya, said “For a business with low margins, managing profitability is fundamental to an airline’s survival and long-term growth. We are glad that our complete lifecycle audit services have enabled TAP to realise savings which directly impacts their bottom line. I am confident that we will continue to add value to their business”.

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