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Tata Elxsi Collaborates with Red Hat to Accelerate Application Mobility in Multi-Cloud Network for 5G Connected Vehicles

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Tata Elxsi, a global engineering and design company, announced today that it has joined forces with Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of traditional operating system, to make moving applications in 5G multi-cloud environment for Telcos and MVNOs.

The partnership aims to leverage OpenShift, Red Hat’s container platform, as a common and uniform container-as-a-service (CaaS) layer across multi-cloud environments and Neuron as Tata Elxsi Multi-layer Automation Platform enabling seamless cloud automation, 5G Application placement and modernisation.

Tata Elxsi and Red Hat will work together on 5G Connected Car using TETHER, Tata Elxsi CVP Platform and Red Hat In-Vehicle OS that introduces Edge Analytics, In-Vehicle data processing and management with MlOps.

Tata Elxsi will provide its proven expertise and award-winning solutions in Connected Vehicle segment coupled with capabilities in 5G network design, orchestration, automation and testing. Together, Tata Elxsi and Red Hat will help global operators in network monetisation through innovative applications in Automotive, Healthcare and other sectors.

Vivek Tiwari, Vice President, Telco 5G Business Unit Tata Elxsi said “As we embrace the era of Telco 5G in Automotive, Healthcare & Industry 4.0, Telcos are leading the way in creating customer-focused services and adopting new network technologies, that require a shift towards Cloudification, Hybrid/Multi- cloud adoption (Red Hat as a uniform CaaS layer across Multi-cloud networks), DevSecOps, AI/MlOps & End-to-end automation. We are excited to enable this with Tata Elxsi and Red Hat together. We enable Telco 5G Multi-Cloud Automation with Edge Analytics to deliver a distinctive service for our clients.

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