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Teachmint and Google Cloud join hands to Revolutionize Education Infrastructure with an intelligent integrated school platform

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Teachmint, creator of the Integrated School Platform, today announced a collaboration with Google Cloud to use its’ flexible, scalable cloud platform to develop, deploy and run the Teachmint Integrated School Platform. The collaboration aims to leverage cutting-edge technologies to provide a transformative educational experience for teachers, students, and educational institutions.

This collaboration brings together the expertise and resources of Google Cloud and Teachmint to develop an innovative platform that will change how schools operate. By leveraging Google Cloud’s robust infrastructure, Teachmint will leverage advanced technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics, as it continues to scale its state-of-the-art ISP. Google Cloud’s industry-leading security measures and data protection protocols will be implemented to ensure the privacy and security of student, educator and school data.

Payoj Jain, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer – Teachmint, said, “Our partnership with Google Cloud represents a significant milestone in our mission to transform education delivery. By harnessing the power of technology and advanced analytics, we aim to empower educators and learners, enabling them to achieve more and transform the way education is delivered.”

Bikram Singh Bedi, Managing Director at Google Cloud India, added, “We are thrilled to work with Teachmint to revolutionize education infrastructure. By leveraging the power of advanced technologies, we believe this integrated school platform has the potential to transform education in India and around the world, making education more accessible and engaging for all.”

Teachmint’s Integrated School Platform enables educators to streamline administrative tasks and access valuable insights for better decision-making through a series of features designed to facilitate seamless collaboration.

The partnership between Google Cloud and Teachmint is poised to transform education infrastructure, not only in India but globally across 25+ countries. By combining the power of advanced technologies with Teachmint’s deep understanding of the education ecosystem, the intelligent integrated school platform will empower educators, transform classroom experiences, and pave the way for future-ready education.

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