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The Future of Metaverse By Mr Akhil Gupta, Technology Expert

When Facebook, now Meta, acquired Oculus – the leading player in the world of VR hardware in 2014, it was pretty clear that Facebook was really bullish on VR as a technology and was planning to build something big on it. The launch of Metaverse in 2021 is something straight out of science fiction books that we have all read and loved. Metaverse is going to be a network of multiple 3D virtual worlds that will take the internet age to a whole new level. The actual idea of Metaverse is to improve human contact. Today when we can only “use” the internet through screens and similar age-old interfaces, metaverse brings the prospect of an entirely new immersive way of interacting with the world. Today, many VR implementations are in the form of entertainment. Be it games, movies, or interactive demos. Metaverse plans to go much beyond all this and put this amazing technology to practical use. If you think interacting with friends on Facebook or Instagram is good, just imagine how it would be to sit with them in a virtual room, say a replica of your college canteen, where you can see them as they are and not just a face on the screen. Buying clothes online would be just like walking into the brand store and trying them on yourself on your own 3D model. You can experience the world, much beyond the limitations of 2D photos and videos – right from where you are.

The business implications of this Metaverse are truly immense. Metaverse real estate has already become a thing. Today people can purchase properties on the Metaverse at the location of your choosing and fulfill the lifelong dream of living next to a celebrity. As more and more people flock towards the metaverse, so will the brands who will want to capture the eyeballs and the footfalls of these people. Most of the leading brands like Apple, Facebook, Nike, Louis Vuitton have already started their work on getting up and running on the Metaverse to enjoy the benefit of being an early adopter. They know the importance of Metaverse and the kind of change it will bring in the universe. They can assist businesses in a variety of ways. Sorting out events, generating hybrids among properties, and speaking with the client’s local region is made simpler than ever before in an essentially limitless world, allowing businesses to draw in with their clients in ways they couldn’t previously.

The launch of Metaverse is actually a pretty big deal for general people and businesses. While people get to experience the internet and the connected world in a new way, businesses will have to evolve faster to get the early adopter’s advantage. Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is betting big on the Metaverse and pretty soon users will be flocking on to that platform to experience virtual worlds and experiences. This is going to be a whole new paradigm and incredible opportunities for businesses and brands to capture these eyeballs and footfalls.

Blockchain is one of the key technologies that will shape the future of the Metaverse. Therefore, it is advisable to be the early bird and start learning about the revolutionary blockchain technology today!

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