The Shriram Millennium School Noida emerges Overall Champion at AI Covid Warrior Contest 2021

The Shriram Millennium School, Noida has emerged as the Overall Champion AI Covid Warrior Contest Winner’s 2021, a unique, first of its kind’ Online Contest conducted in India, by AI School of India.

India’s Top AI Covid Warrior Championship Awards were handed over by Mr Suresh Gurunathan, Vice President, AI School of India to the winning Students Neev Datta, Siddharth Rajpal , Naman Sonpar, Shashwat Shukla – Grade 8 & Aryaman Sharma , Adhiraj Mohan Chanana – Grade 11 in the presence of Shriram Millennium School, Noida. Director Ms. Uttara Singh and Vice Principal Ms. Piya Chatterjee.

This is India’s biggest Online Contest with 6000+ Registrations from 400+ Schools across India. 45% were all girls’ Teams. Panel of International Judges for the Contest, included: Dr Wolfgang Slany, Graz University of Technology Austria, Dr Ken Kahn, Senior Researcher, Oxford University of Technology, Roozbeh Aliabadi, CEO ReadyAI USA, Dr B Ravindran, Head of RBC-DSAI, IIT Madras, Vipul Shah, Head Education & Skilling, TCS Global CSR.

Prizes include Internships at IIT Madras, Azure, Laptops, Tablets, Vouchers worth over Rs 10 lacs.

India’s Top AI Covid Warrior Championship Awards:

Grade(9-12): Prize: 1st Place

Name: Aryaman Sharma, Adhiraj Mohan Chanana

School: The Shriram Millennium School

City: Noida

Project Name: Mansik Ashriya

Our project aims to normalize mental health, create awareness and make an easily accessible diagnostic platform for everyone anywhere. We have asked basic questions about the feelings of a person. The person will be requested to enter a paragraph that will be judged on the basis of positivity and negativity. A questionnaire is provided to the user after they have been found majorly negative while expressing their feelings in the entered paragraph. Our project provides a psychological score of a person’s mental health which will suggest if the person needs any professional help or not. Our project has endless possibilities and we will continue to work on it to help as many people as we can.


Grade(6-8):  Prize: 1st Place

Name: Neev Datta, Siddharth Rajpal

school name : The Shriram Millenium School, Noida

project name: Introducing CoviBot

about project: Introducing CoviBot how to work on it.




Prize: 1st Place

Name: Naman Sonpar, Shashwat Shukla

school name : The Shriram Millenium School, Noida

project name: Covid AIO Project report

about project: COVID AIO (All In One), is an application (app) which helps to reduce the workload of the government, the citizens and the frontline healthcare workers.


Idea behind the Contest

AI School of India believes that with the knowledge of how AI works and

its impact, children have the potential to create innovative solutions to real-

world problems transforming our societies and shaping the future of our planet. The school was amazed by the projects that it received and glad to see the

ideas of the little minds engaging themselves and expressing their ideas on how

to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to solve real-world problems.

In fact, judges had a hard time in finalizing the winners as every project that

was reviewed was equally creative and the solutions were mind-blowing.

“The purpose of conducting AI covid warrior contest was to make AI relevant to the ongoing pandemic. Most of the time, it is too theoretical or esoteric for people to understand how to make it a reality. Initially it was a challenge whether school students can take up this challenge and do something practical out of it but after we saw the number of entries we were greatly encouraged and excited,”
Ramana Prasad, Director of Meritus AI Learning Experiences Private Limited

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