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Truecaller launches AI Call Scanner to detect AI-synthesized voice calls

Three seconds! That’s how much of your voice an AI voice synthesizer needs to generate a complete clone of your voice. Illegitimate voice cloning and speech synthesis technologies are improving at an incalculable rate of change and are, unfortunately, already commoditized and ubiquitous. This next wave of AI scams will prey on the most vulnerable side of our psyche: the threat of our loved ones in danger.

Truecaller, the world’s leading global communications platform, has  announced the latest salvo in its arsenal of spam and scam fighting abilities: the AI Call Scanner. AI Call Scanner is trained to detect and differentiate between human voices and AI-synthesized voices, empowering people to safeguard themselves against potential scams and fraudulent activities.

The AI Call Scanner is built right into the Truecaller Android app, is part of the Premium subscription and is being rolled out in the US first, followed by India and other top Truecaller markets. The system is designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind. If a person receives a suspicious call, all they have to do is tap a dedicated button within the Truecaller interface. The caller’s voice is recorded and this voice sample is then processed by our advanced AI model, which has been rigorously trained to identify the unique characteristics of human speech and distinguish it from AI-generated voices. All this happens in just a few seconds and we are proud to launch with a high degree of accuracy.

“The risks of AI voice scams are increasing due to the proliferation of AI voice synthesizers. Our goal was to find an effective and reliable solution before things got out of hand. I am proud to announce that Truecaller is the world’s calling app with AI voice detection built in. Truecaller already uses AI in many different ways and this was a logical and much-needed extension of Truecaller’s scam fighting abilities“ said Alan Mamedi, CEO and Co-founder at Truecaller.

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