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Ujjivan Small Finance Bank goes Live with CRMNEXT

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank goes Live with CRMNEXT

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank goes live with CRMNEXT, the World’s largest Financial CRM solution. The implementation covers 13,500 users with a potential to strategically engage with Ujjivan’s 4 million customers across India.

Ujjivan has developed digital customer journeys and services which are omni-channel with a quick turnaround and fulfilment process. CRMNEXT solution will also help Ujjivan SFB in call center management, document management, campaign management, reporting and analytics. With this deployment, Ujjivan became one of the first Small Finance Banks (SFBs) to be empowered with a state-of-the-art digital CRM solution.

Through the application of CRMNEXT’s proven industry specific best practises, Ujjivan was able to adopt the latest CRM technology in less than six months. The deployment allows Ujjivan to streamline its back office operations and meet its strategic goals and objectives, including:

  1. Faster growth with easy customer on boarding
  2. Accelerating digital transformation through out of the box banking solutions for customer management, eKYC, biometric authentication, ready adaptors for credit verification etc.
  3. Leverage innovative CRM technology for quick launch and scaling of operations without compromising on customer satisfaction

Commenting on the successful implementation, Balaji Parthasarathi, CTO, Ujjivan Small Finance Bank, said,” This success was only possible due to having the right team in place, from both CRMNEXT and Ujjivan, with a strong commitment towards quick delivery and support. The new CRM platform allows Ujjivan to execute long-term scalable strategies without any hassle. The quick launch of banking operations empowers us to engage and delight at the onset itself.”

Sushil Tyagi, Director, CRMNEXT, stated,” We are excited to partner with Ujjivan in their new journey. This is a showcase implementation on how new banks can leapfrog the digital transformation journey and create a sustainable competitive advantage in terms of customer experience and relationship management. “

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