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3 Luxury Hotel Selects RezNext Revenue Management Services


RezNext the world’s only true real-time enterprise distribution technology company is emerging as the preferred revenue management service partner for leading hoteliers. 3 luxury properties based in northern and western India have selected RezNext’s revenue management service to improve their revenue streams and profitability.

Hotel Jaisalkot Jaisalmer, the Heritage Palace, and the Rigel Agra are the 3 destination properties that have signed up for RezNext’s revenue management services. RezNext offers end-to-end revenue services from optimising current strategy, identifying new upsell or cross-sell opportunities, restructuring target market segments, refining the channel mix and the distribution strategy to maximising yield and improving long term profitability.

“Luxury properties typically operate in a very dynamic market where the expectations from guests for instant gratification is very high. Hence it is important to have efficient selling strategies in place. This requires a unified view of revenue data across the property and a quick response mechanism powered by real-time data intelligence. With limited resources, such properties cannot man a specialised revenue team focussing on improving revenues and profitability. This is where RezNext bridges the gap in the market. With seasoned hospitality leaders from the revenue management space, RezNext is able to provide holistic revenue services to suit the unique nature of a hotel’s business,” said Mike Kistner, Chief Executive Officer, RezNext Global Solutions. “We are excited to be the preferred revenue strategy partner for these 3 properties,” added Mike Kistner.

Spread over 15 acres, Hotel Jaisalkot Jaisalmer stands tall as a strong majestic fort. A reflection of true royalty, this property is located close to Thar Desert and offers an amazing experiential stay. It is an ideal getaway for those seeking to discover the real beauty of Jaisalmer especially during the desert festival. The Heritage Palace, Jaipur is a tastefully designed property and serves as a great hotel to relax and celebrate the winter festival in Jaipur. The Rigel Agra is conveniently located close to the Taj Mahal and caters to both leisure and business travellers.

“These properties are based in destinations that are impacted with seasonal fluctuations. Hence the need to optimise revenue during the season is very critical to make up for the expected loss of business during off seasons,” said Dhiraj Trivedi, President, Revenue Management Services, RezNext Global Solutions. “At RezNext we conduct a deep audit of the hotel’s business to understand its market strategy, pricing mix, channel mix, online reputation. We also examine consumer behaviour, analyse competitor activity, demand and supply curve and execute the most profitable revenue strategy for our clients,” added Dhiraj Trivedi.

According to Mr. Mohammed Shafi, Managing Director, The Heritage Palace, “We are happy to partner with RezNext to manage our revenue strategy. We look forward to working with the RezNext team to know our demand forecasts accurately, and implement recommendations for selling strategies such as open/close rates and room categories, stay controls, and overbooking levels.”

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