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Abacus.AI to invest $50 million in it’s R&D division over the next three years in India

Abacus.AI, the world’s first end-to-end AI and ML cloud platform with custom verticals specific for many enterprise AI use-cases such as personalization, forecasting, NLP, and vision is expanding its global footprint with a dedicated R&D facility in India. This expansion announcement is an integral part of the company’s commitment to providing its AI and ML platform on a global scale. With a focus on sustained growth, this new division will serve as an R&D office for ML engineers and research scientists.

The company plans to initially hire twenty accomplished engineers and scientists and this number will grow to two hundred over the next three years. Located in Mumbai, the R&D division will cater to the AI adoptions of both small and large firms. Abacus.AI will invest $50 million in it’s R&D division over the next three years.

“Enterprises in India and all over the world are embracing cloud computing, AI, machine and deep learning to reduce costs and increase efficiency. AI is an incredibly powerful tool for rapid innovation which is crucial in meeting increasing consumer demands from billions of customers and skilled labour. India, with its large talent pool of software engineers and growing number of start-ups is the perfect location for our expansion and establishing a division within India is critical as we become an integral asset of rapidly growing businesses and a talent hub for engineers who are passionate about AI” said Bindu Reddy, CEO & Co-founder of Abacus.AI

Abacus.AI’s platform can be utilized by data science teams who want to plug and play their own models with full customization and flexibility or business owners who want to use the platform’s innovative neural architecture search techniques to build their own machine and deep learning models based on their datasets and use-case. This flexibility allows organizations of all sizes, from small startups without a dedicated machine learning or data science team to Fortune 500 companies, to use the company’s state-of-the-art platform to enhance their AI adoption.

” I am very excited to be joining and managing the India Divison of Abacus.AI. India is a talent hub for young budding engineers and with the ever-growing influence of AI and ML, I’m excited to partake in the transformation that both businesses and talent will undergo within the influence of AI. By having a unique AI platform within India, we are providing customers and companies the flexibility and opportunity for businesses to expand their AI infrastructure” said Manish Vora, India Head, Abacus.AI.

Abacus.AI was started by Bindu Reddy, Siddartha Naidu and Arvind Sundararajan. They have experience shipping high-profile products from technical giants like Google, Amazon, and Uber.  Arvind and Bindu both have backgrounds from the prestigious IIT, Bombay. The head of their Indian division, Manish Vora, is also an alumnus of IIT Bombay. Launched in 2019, Abacus.AI has already raised $90M in 4 rounds in just over two years and are backed by Silicon Valley legends such as Eric Schmidt, Mike Volpi, and Ram Shriram. The company is looking to raise further funding for global expansion.

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